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Day 2: Keep on Keepin' on

First of all, I'd like to say a big 'thank you' to all the wonderful support and comments I received to my Day 1 thread. It's very much needed and appreciated.

I didn't have much trouble sleeping last night -- I'm very lucky like that. But I did have a few troubling dreams -- which may be down to withdrawal, or maybe the ramblings my worrying mind. I remember waking-up briefly during the night. I was feeling very depressed, but I soon fell back to sleep.

It was another working day, so my morning ritual followed a similar pattern to yesterday. I did, however, have a much stronger urge to smoke this morning than yesterday. But I used my NRT and everything was fine. I use the word 'urge' instead of 'craving' because it was more of a concious thought in my head -- you did well yesterday; you went ALL day without a cigarette;you can do it again today; so it wouldn't hurt if you had just one. Of course, I knew this may happen, I was prepared for it and dealt with it. No problem.

At the office, my depression was really bad in the morning. I won't dwell on this too much as I'm really not sure if it's purely a withdrawal symptom or there's more going on here (which I suspect there is). The good news it I started to feel 'normal' again from about 12 pm onwards. I had fewer cravings today, and settled into my new non-smoker routine a little easier.

I was bored though! It was really quiet, so it was a long day. I did, however, have an interesting conversation with a colleague. We were both looking out of the window at break time at the pooring rain. "It's on days like this I'm glad that I quit, too," he said. What? I didn't know that he was an ex-smoker! Apparently so -- he smoked for forty years and quit eight years ago. I was surprised at that -- he's sooo healthy, fit and young looking!

One of friends is also supporting me. He's not quitting completely, but he's not smoking in work. When he was, we'd smoke together, so now we spend our time trying to find other things to do instead. :) I don't suppose I need to tell anyone how much this helps.

The most difficult temptation today was when work finished. I was REALLY tempted this time to have 'just one' cigarette -- on the bus stop, maybe? When walking home? Perhaps at the end of the evening? Of course, I didn't give in. But then I remembered: I hadn't used my NRT ALL DAY! I had been going cold turkey ALL DAY! I took that as a really positive thing.

Well it's 9 pm now, and I'm doing fine with the quit. Day 2 over without a smoke. And it wasn't too difficult at all. Bring on day 3. :D

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Only on day 2 and you havnt been useing your NRT?

Wow im impressed, congratulations on going the whole day and ignoring the urges :)

I must say, i agree with you how easy it seems to be, id prepared myself for endless rows with the OH, stressing over simple minor things.. breaking within the first 5 days, but like yourself i havnt... to me i feel like iv been an ex smoker for ages now.. when in fact its only been 20days. I wont lie an say i never get "twinges" for one, because i do, and i think ill still have them "twinges" in 20 months time... But thats something im prepared to live with :)

congratulations again :)


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