No Smoking Day
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Day 17

Day 17 is nearly over for me now. Just wanted to post as I havent posted in a while to say I m still here and going strong :) and to ask a quick question on Champix. I m on day 17 of no smoking, I stopped on day 10 so day 27 days on the champix in all. For the last 3 -4 days I havent taken any champix at all,1 for forgetting, 2 because they make me feel so sick and 3 because of the constant up and downs I feel I am having because of them.

I m so glad I took them because I dont think I could have given up without them but on the other hand the side effects for me are terrible. I would like to stop them completely so was just after some advice on anyone else who has stopped them early? I dont think I could handle taking them for another 2 months!

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