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First train journey


Hi all,

I am a little nervous cos tomorrow I am going away for Christmas and this will involve my first long train journey, in fact my first journey, since I quit. I haven't even been on a bus yet :eek: Normally, I would chain smoke before getting on the train, chain smoke when I changed trains, and smoke at every opportunity after that. Well this time I can't. The next 18 days will be the first time since I have quit that I will be in a situation where I can't smoke, well, I could, but there would be ructions and hell to pay so it's not worth it. So a lot of firsts and old associations for me at the moment. And I'm on Day 13. Please, please someone tell me I'm not going to have the terrible 3's all over Christmas?? LOL, I normally lose my rag before I've even got my suitcase down the stairs cos it's too heavy :confused:

Zoe xx

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Thanks for the support Karri :D And you're right -

Instead you can sit in the warmth and eat all the Xmas goodies

I can say I need to eat a lot to stop the Champix making me feel sick, and then become a human hoover :p And at least I won't be around smokers, unless the cat has taken it up without telling anyone and I get the blame :D And I will chase my mums boyfriend off the 'puta so I can come on here ;)

Zoe xx

Don't worry Zoe, you'll be fine!

As Karri said, it should be a much more relaxing experience for you not having to worry about smoking in between every stop.

Have a lovely time at your Moms, I hope she spoils you rotten and you have a lovely relaxing break, you deserve it you little superstar :)

Pip x

Thanks Pip :D but knowing my mum she has plans other than spoiling me rotten :( like hiring me as vegetable peeler in chief and head dishwasher :mad: Just hope she doesn't buy me 'How to Knit your Own Cat part II' for Christmas LOL :eek:

Zoe xxxx

'Tis the season...

Now now, Zoe. Don't underestimate your mum's grasp of what is needed to make the festive season swing......


You'd better start knitting on the train, though, otherwise it might not be ready on the day. :p


Hope my Mum doesn't see that pic she has enough weird and wonderful ideas in her head already :eek: And I'm on her computer now (looks furtively over shoulder for approaching mother with rolling pin) :p

Zoe xxxx

Glad you made it hunny !!

Quick, tell me........have you checked for knitted characters :eek:


Hey Pip, think it's okay cos the cat still looks real and is still in his fur :D Not sure about my mums boyfriend though :confused::eek:

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