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Missing smething :(

Since I quit smoking I feel like I am missing something !

I cant place it, but keep searching my pockets and looking in my desk drawers ?

It's driving me NUTTS!!! and then out of nowhere I get a "Rogue" crave, this is what I have resorted to calling them!! "ROGUE CRAVES" because there is NO trigger or event involved the craves just come out of no where!.

In three Days time I will be in Month 4, the third Month has been the worst for me!, it has really tested the strength of my resolve time and time again.

You all have NO idea how many time I nearly said F#$K it I am gonna have a smoke!!!

Well thats my little "Rant"

Staying Strong and smoke FREE



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hey Gary

hey Gary well done for not packing it in and having a smoke. i know at times it would be the easiest thing in the world to say you know what i'm having one but you know how crap you would feel if you caved in now . I've still got 8 days in here and i know i'm going to make it into month 4 . famous last words and all that . i'm on the e cig which is probably the easiest way to give up but I've reduced my nicotine by half and am still determined and have a lot of fight in me yet . see you in month 4 in 8 days . merry Christmas


Oh my word Gary ME TOO!!

This has been a tough month. I've had a lot going on this last week where, at times, I have tried to justify lighting up..

I haven't though. :) During my other 'half-quits', I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Let's hope that means I've cracked it.

Are we always goin to have to work this hard at it though?! :(



Glad to know I am not alone!

It is frustrating at this stage of "Game" it's almost like I want a "Break" from quitting! it's not funny or fun anymore :(


Hi Gary,

I quit on the 9th of I'm well into the two month stage, but it's getting more difficult for me too.

I haven't posted on the forum for ages 'cus I feel so negative. I nearly had a fag on Saturday, but my friend refused to let me have some tobacco.

I'm very concerned about Christmas...don't know if I can get through it. Going to talk to my stop smoking nurse today.

Why is this happening? I wonder if its depression that smoking masks, or a result of reducing my Champix dose, or just a side affect of addiction

I don't want to feel like this.



Yep, can relate to all the above!

I really could cave in atm, it's taking a LOT of willpower to stay strong and the craves pop up from nowhere. I know what Gary means about looking for something and that's just explained how I feel. Fortunatley I still have my inhalator so keep "finding" it in my handbag :eek:


Further to my previous post, I was however spurred on at my daughter's nativity yesterday, when I sat in the audience behind a lady who positively reeked of stale tobacco.

Being subjected to that, and her chesty cough, for the duration certainly made me feel grateful I was a non-smoker (and also ashamed for all the years gone by, when I have sat in that audience and smelt like that).

Chin up people! At least we know we are not alone in feeling like this.

We can't be beat, we won't be beat :D


Hey Gary,

Your statement of "It is frustrating at this stage of "Game" it's almost like I want a "Break" from quitting!" is spot on. I have thought of that....but I know damn well if I took a break...I LOSE the game.

You will get through this rough patch, you have a lot of support here.

Good rant though!!



WTF is "Runescape" ?


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