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77 Wonderful Days

[/BI stopped smoking 77 days ago and its fantastic I am just sorry I waited so long! I am a 64 year old male and I live alone quite happily I might add and I live in an upstairs flat.

let me take you back to 87 days ago I was having really bad pains in my legs after walking just a short distance, this had been happening for quite a while but this particular day it was really bad, so I went to see my Doctor after he examined me he explained I had a circulation problem and he said if I didn’t stop smoking I could end up losing a few toes or my foot or even my leg well that was enough for me.

I started a course of Champix that day, and 77 days ago I stopped smoking and haven’t looked back, and as I type this I can say my Doctor was quite right because I can now walk over distance pain free.

Its funny I have tried and failed to stop smoking many times and I have been aware of the risks, although I wasn’t at the time I started smoking, but I for some stupid reason thought it wouldn’t happen to me or at least that’s what the nicodemon was telling me but as we all know he is a liar! Well the end result is I no longer smoke and that is wonderful and I will never smoke again.

I have a photo of my leg as a screensaver on my IPhone so every time I use my phone it reminds me of my Doctors warning, so anyone thinking of stopping smoking do it now before its to late.

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Hi Viv

Firstly, well done on reaching 77 days :)

Your screen saver......that made me laugh! What a good idea though, remind yourself of your biggest fear on a regular basis.

If I had a "scary screen saver" it would also be a pic of my legs, my father had severe PVD from smoking and it has always scared the life out of me, and was my main reason for quitting. I am 38 and one of my big toes was going numb, time to quit, so I did...............I like my toes :D

Keep it up, we are very proud of you Viv :D


Hi Viv

What a motivational post, truly it is, well done you :D

Thank you for sharing this with us.


Congratulations Viv, that is really great news :D

Zoe xx


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