Opportunist smoker

Hi all

Been trying to stop on and off for the past year now. I have just realised - after falling three times with patches - I became an OPPORTUNIST smoker. For example, didn't smoke in the house, work or car, but would smoke 20 when fishing or walking on moors. I would go for a pint just to smoke 20 with it.

Using champix now and on fouth day. :D

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  • Congratulations on persevering and getting there. My quit date is Xmas and have been trying to quit since February :eek:

    Glad we both kept at it as now we can start a new year as non smokers :D

    Hi Karri

    Which way are you going to stop? I have tried them all and found Champix the better. I failed the first time with it because I couldn't get to the smoking clinic during the day because of work. I had a doctor who perscribed me them for the first month but then was on holiday for 3 weeks when I tried to renew perscription. End result - failed. However, I have found another doctor who is prepared to help and I will be able to get the 12 week course and completely stop with his help.

    What is your exact date to stop?

  • Hey Karri,

    Too bad Champix isnt recomended for you....but you will kill it with whatever you choose

    I will be checking in over Christmas to see how you are doing...and if i can help with a couple words here and there, i will!


  • I would love to have Champix but it's not recommended for me. I am going with patches I think. My quit date is Xmas night so not too long now. I have planned this quit for a long time as it must be my last one - have been trying since February. One if the reasons I am sticking with that date is I have nearly two weeks at home. I need that for the start as work is not the easiest place to begin a quit. I can do whatever I want at home ie sleep, go for walks, eat and cry if I feel like it. Also it means I can come on here through the day which is crucial for me.

    Whatever method you choose it will work. Steve's right - all of us will support you over the hols and beyond. :)

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