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Opportunist smoker

Hi all

Been trying to stop on and off for the past year now. I have just realised - after falling three times with patches - I became an OPPORTUNIST smoker. For example, didn't smoke in the house, work or car, but would smoke 20 when fishing or walking on moors. I would go for a pint just to smoke 20 with it.

Using champix now and on fouth day. :D

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Congratulations on persevering and getting there. My quit date is Xmas and have been trying to quit since February :eek:

Glad we both kept at it as now we can start a new year as non smokers :D

Hi Karri

Which way are you going to stop? I have tried them all and found Champix the better. I failed the first time with it because I couldn't get to the smoking clinic during the day because of work. I had a doctor who perscribed me them for the first month but then was on holiday for 3 weeks when I tried to renew perscription. End result - failed. However, I have found another doctor who is prepared to help and I will be able to get the 12 week course and completely stop with his help.

What is your exact date to stop?


Hey Karri,

Too bad Champix isnt recomended for you....but you will kill it with whatever you choose

I will be checking in over Christmas to see how you are doing...and if i can help with a couple words here and there, i will!



I would love to have Champix but it's not recommended for me. I am going with patches I think. My quit date is Xmas night so not too long now. I have planned this quit for a long time as it must be my last one - have been trying since February. One if the reasons I am sticking with that date is I have nearly two weeks at home. I need that for the start as work is not the easiest place to begin a quit. I can do whatever I want at home ie sleep, go for walks, eat and cry if I feel like it. Also it means I can come on here through the day which is crucial for me.

Whatever method you choose it will work. Steve's right - all of us will support you over the hols and beyond. :)


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