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Day 8: Three milestones in one day!

Milestone one: I had my first 'smoking dream' last night. Wasn't expecting that! I was so scared that it would mean I would want to smoke today, but actually today has been completely smooth-sailing and almost cravings-free, hooray! I know that there will be more hard days & cravings ahead but it's nice to have light, easy days as a bit of a break along the way!

Milestone two: I said to my co-worker who I used to go on smoke breaks with "no thanks, I quit" when she invited me out for a break. YES! That felt 10 000x better than I even imagined it would! She looked so surprised (I'm impressed that she didn't notice that I wasn't smoking last week) and said "what, you just quit smoking, just like that?" and I thought- well no, it's been like climbing a mountain, it's not been easy- but then, in another way, yes, it is "just like that". Decide not to smoke any more cigarettes, and then keep deciding that forever.

Milestone three: since I've given up coffee, alcohol and cigarettes all together to avoid the inter-dependencies of them all, I realised today that I'm experiencing all these additional benefits of being without caffeine, alcohol or nicoteine in my system for probably the first time in my adult life (apart from when I was in hospital or on antibiotics or something). And instead of feeling deprived, I feel amazing! Like, what an amazing sense of freedom it is not count my days by coffees consumed, cigarettes smoked, and whether or not I'll go to the bar for a beer after work! I was completely not expecting this and it's such an incredibly positive, happy feeling, and I really wanted to write it down because I can't believe that these thoughts are coming out of MY hedonistic brain! Suddenly it doesn't feel like such a long hard slog until I can safely have them again without giving in to smoking- it feels kind of exciting instead to look ahead to months of total freedom from even my 'benign' habits!

So those are my day 8 milestones, and hopefully I will come back to look at them when harder quit days hit me up ahead.

Hope all the other November and December quitters have had good or at least OK days!

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Well done

Yaaaaay well done on your 3 milestones :D

It sounds like you had a really positive day which must be a real boost to your confidence

Keep up the good work :)


Woop woop, well done :)

I love the vivd dreams I'm getting to be honest


YaY!!!! *does a little dance* Sounds like an awesome day glitter - wtg you :) Hope the following have been just as positive and that they continue ahead ;)

I'm with you Tropical - the dreams are great, lol...


I agree tropical the dreams have been really good since quitting! Really real!! Any bonus is good right now lol.


Hey glitter, what a lovely positive post. Congratulations!

When you do start drinking beer and coffee again do watch out for sneaky cravings, they will probably crop up and smack you upside the head because of all those subliminal associations. But as long as you're prepared you'll be fine.

Keep on being proud and happy, it really helps to have the right mental attitude. And you deserve it!



You are all so great! Thanks so much for all the encouragement, it helps SO MUCH. I think of this forum like a little cheer-squad every time I'm hit with a "oh, work is so stressful right now- I just wanna-" craving, and it works! The cravings are no match for the little cheerleaders in my head (in my head you are all wearing cheerleading outfits and have pom-poms, I hope that's OK for you).

I am also practising all the time to think of myself as a non-smoker. It's as though nicotiene manages to Photoshop itself into every situation in my life (when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm drunk, when I'm sober, when I'm tired, when I wake up...) and now my job is to go through and Photoshop it back out again. So every day I visualise scenes in my life where I would have smoked, and edit out the cigarettes from those scenes.

Day 11 and feeling fine...


I love the photoshop a-n-a-logy!

And I'd look great in a cheerleading outfit, so it's all good :P


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