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And yet another day

I went to pick up some more of my stuff from my parents, what a joyful experience that was <sighs>.

But anyway on a more positive front Im going to view a little 2 bedroomed flat tomorrow, hopefully they will like me and I will be in by the end of the week.

Maybe all this was for the best. I was only going to be at my mums till I got well after the illness I had a few years ago, then I had the car accident and its taken them 2 years to find out my shoulder was fractured and do the surgery Ive just had. In the meantime I got comfortable with my situation, maybe that vile brother of mine has actually done me a favour.

Well I will let you all know how the falt thing goes tomorrow, wish me luck .

Lillie xoxoxoxox

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Good luck Lillie, as you said it might work out just fine for you despite all the upset in between. Might be nice for you to have your own space after all the time with your parents and hopefully if you like the flat you can be in and settled really soon. Let us know how you get on with the viewing tomorrow :)


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