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I survived and thank you

So after the weekend from hell Im still here, Im still quit, and after the intilal * I need a smoke* thought it hasnt even entered my head.

A big thank you to those that were online over the weekend to offer me the support I needed. I wont let you down because if I can go through that and not smoke then I'll never smoke again.........and if I do you can tie me up in the street and stone me :D

Many, many thanks

Lillie xoxoxoxoxox

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Happy Monday....glad you're here and NOT SMOKING :D




Thank you so much Michelle :D

Lillie xxxx


Hi Lillie

Just catching up and I'm so glad you're feeling better today. I was so upset reading your post, you really have had an awful time of it latley :(

You are strong and I know if you can get throught this you will get through anything. Something I have noticed lately on this forum is a lot of people going through bad times but they never say anything until it's all over. Perhaps we just need to see if we can cope alone, or we don't always want to talk at the time??

To you and all the others I just wanted to say that's what we are here for. We are here to support each other through the whole process of quitting and that also includes divorces, separations, deaths, births, family fallouts, and any other personal problems anyone can throw into the pot!

Lillie you are certainly not alone when you're here :)



Hi Lillie

Just read about your awful weekend - really sorry you're going through such a rough time. Just wish I could wave a magic wand and make all the bad stuff go away. But a massive well done on not smoking. I sometimes feel proud when I haven't smoked throughout a stressful period - but then I read some of the posts on here - and it just amazes how strong people can be!

Can't make it go away Lillie - but my thoughts are with you!




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