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No Smoking Day
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Well I am. I just spent about half an hour typing out a long post about how things have been for me this week, and when I went to preview it I found I had been logged out of the site. I know perfectly well I was logged in before I started that post, as I had replied to a few others. So now I feel like kicking the crap out of everything in sight. I am in a room full of smokers, and if I wanted to I could bum a fag very easily.

Ironically, the title of my post was 'dealing with stress', but I am sure as hell not typing it all out again, as I now am S T R E S S E D :mad::mad: The jist of it was that we can't hide away from stress while we are quitting, we have to get on and deal with it and the world doesn't stop turning just because 'Zoe has stopped smoking, do not disturb' blah, blah, blah.

Honestly, I am really ANGRY right now. If I was smoking I would take a fag break, but I'm not.

So if there are any 'techies' managing this site, I suggest you pull your socks up.

Zoe :mad:

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Its happened to me a few times,if you log in again it sometimes works.

mash x


This used to happen a lot in hotmail 'cannot connect to live mail at the moment...' grrrrrrr:mad:

lesson learnt - if its a whopper copy to notepad first


I've had this happen to me on other sites, although often through my own fault if I've been deliberating over something and I've gone over the time before it automatically logs you out. Or when my wireless goes 'funny' (frequent, but not my fault).

Although it's unfortunately too late for your post from today, a good tip is to press Ctrl + A (highlights it, you have to click in the box first though or it'll highlight the entire webpage), then Ctrl + C (copy). Then if it goes tits up, Ctrl + V will paste it back in again. I do it all the time at work due to the frequent 'Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close' occurrences that always happen when I'm typing a long, complicated email :mad:.

I hope you're feeling a bit better now *hug*.


As a writer, I can't begin to tell you how many times I've forgotten to save my work, lost my internet connection or had similar experiences to yourself. Once, just before completing a very important article, my laptop caught fire! And I'm not joking -- that really did happen! I can only imagine your frustration -- I'd be chucking a real wobbler if it were me! ;)

Well done for handling the situation, though. Think of it this way: should anything stressful happen again, you know what to expect and you'll know you can deal with it. You were presented with a very difficult 'test' and you passed it. Well done! You should be proud of yourself.

I get stressed VERY easily. When I do, I ALWAYS reach for a smoke. My quit date is 11 December, so it's going to be great fun for my work colleagues on Monday -- I'm well known for throwing the odd tantrum at the best of times! ;)


Thanks guys, I will defo copy and paste next time :rolleyes:

Meanwhile, guess where I am?? Yep, you got it, back in the library, and it's full of........ LITTLE GIRLS :mad: got them either side of me whispering to each other grrrr.... I will copy and paste them in a minute like onto the planet Mars :mad:

Hello Legs Eleven, see you are in Cardiff too. We, of course, are going to outshine everyone else on this forum :D

Zoe xx


Pleased to meet you, Zoe

Hello Legs Eleven, see you are in Cardiff too. We, of course, are going to outshine everyone else on this forum :D

Zoe xx

Indeed I am. And it's great to meet a fellow Cardiffian on here! :)

If you see someone wandering around town over the next few weeks, ranting and pulling out their hair from nicotine withdrawal, it'll likely be me! ;)

Oddly enough, I came across this forum by accident (I was looking for local support groups in Cardiff that I could attend -- I couldn't find any, though; do you know of any?)

Anyway, I'm very pleased to meet you. And I wish you all the very best on your smoke-free journey. :)


Hi Legs :)

If you see someone wandering around town over the next few weeks, ranting and pulling out their hair from nicotine withdrawal, it'll likely be me!

I saw someone like that yesterday in Cowbridge Rd East, wasn't you was it :D Btw, I am the one that shouts at the traffic when I can't cross the road :o ....

Stop smoking groups are hard to find in Cardiff, but if you contact Stop Smoking Wales, (sorry haven't got the number as I am in the library) they will sort you out. Probably not until after Christmas though, as they run for seven weeks at a time. I find this forum more helpful quite honestly, although the clinic wasn't too bad.

Good luck with your quit date tomorrow,



Oh my god I can't believe I read this post, and then wrote an enormous long post introducing myself to the forum and explaining my quit-story, and then DID THE EXACT SAME THING! Hit "Preview" and got a "you are not logged in" error and then couldn't go back to the page to retrieve my text!


So now this is my first post here, rather than my epic introductory post about who I am and how I quit smoking. Allow me to sympathise INTENSELY with the frustration!


When I find myself thinking about smoking and feel the beginnings of a craving, I just think of Zoe shouting at the traffic and that makes me laugh - low and behold, the cravings pass...

Welcome Glitter and Legs11 :) This forum really is the greatest tool you'll have in your arsenal... Post away, we're all in the same boat (the quit smoking boat that is, only a couple of you are in the 'my internet page logs itself out' boat) and all here to support each other :) Happy days ahead ;)


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