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Day 24

:D Hello all here I am on day 24, and please may I ask is anyone still getting wind.. Im thinking this could be the extra strong mints. Not too sure but you wouldn't want to be my friend right now.

Well anyway I am still strong and proud to be here.

Hope you are all doing well in your quit. Catch you all tomorrow if you are still here.


Quit: 14/11/11 @ 19.30pm

Proud member of the November N.O.P.E group.

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Hi Jaqui,

I have wind but put it down to too many red kidney beans :o strange what I crave when I don't smoke :eek:



Ive had it too since the day I stopped smoking. I dont eat extra strong mints but I do have fishermans friend, so maybe it is the mints.



Parping every day...67 days since stopping :D


you helped me...

Hiya, I'm a day behind you. No smokes. I'm farting loads, personally I think it might be sorbitol...


Ah Jacqui.....good to hear we are not trumps that's me and lordy lord OH has given up and he's got it too! God help any visitors to our house, or those who stand behind us :D


Thanks everyone its good to know im not alone on the wind front. But yes it defo is the mints. :) jacqui. N.O.P.E. Group. And proud.


blimey guys too many windies in the house of N.O.P.E'rs :D:D:D


Hate to put the wind up you all, so to speak!! I'm still in trouble now 7 months in!!! Think it's Ricolla sugar free menthols which I cant leave alone. If it's not the sweets then I must be in trouble. :(


it's gotta be the mints :D


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