No Smoking Day
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On to day 3 :)

Finally feel like I'm getting somewhere :) my method of quitting was Alan Carr's easy way which has saved me so to speak. Its somehow managed to make my brain unlink withdrawals from wanting a cigarette which is just amazing. I've been through some horrible withdrawals though including really bad headaches, irritability and worst of all insomnia :(

However all I can say is onwards and upwards, its getting better every hour and everyday and it feels good to be free :)

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well done you and what a fantastic attitude you have, keep up the good work.

just keep quitting



Hi Robin,

I am on Day 3 as well and finding today much easier than yesterday. I was having headaches and feeling a bit irritable too, but its getting easier now. Once the nicotine has left our systems between 48 - 72 hours it does get a lot easier.

So stay strong and here's to Day 4 :)



Well done Robin, you are doing brilliantly.

Keep up the good fight.

Lillie xx


Thank you for your kind words everybody :) As of 19:27pm I'm now onto Day 4! :)


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