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Wow! 2 whole months today!!!!

Never in a mczillion years did I think I would arrive here. Im as pleased as punch.

Next target 3 months, thats when I go back to work. I hope I find it easy at work, I think I will because smokers now stink to me and I am glad I dont stink anymore.

My breathing is so much easier, Im still only on one inhaler. I think I will have to stay on the one as my breathing is quite heavy if I dont use it, but one of my targets was to cut the other one out and I achieved that a few weeks ago.

I dont have that hacking cough anymore, that was so embarrasing, I cant tell you how I used to cringe when I felt it coming on.

Im still tired, but I now think a lot of that is down to not getting many unbroken nights because of my shoulder.

I have to attend hospital twice a week for hydrotherapy and now I have to take a deep breath to walk through the smokers gathered outside, I get annoyed when Im waiting for my son and daughter in law to get into the car as they are standing outside finishing their smoke. When I take my mum shopping I am annoyed that we have to sit outside for a cup of tea so mum can have a smoke.

I feel quite selfish as my sister, who has never smoked, had to go through all of the same for me.

Anyway my first 2 months completed and moving on to 3 months. I want to say a big thank you to everyone on here who has supported me through this, and I also want to say to everyone we can do this. I know people say this all of the time but if I can do this anyone can, it just has to be your time and your quit.

Good luck to everyone.

Lillie xxxxxxxx

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very well done Lillie, snap. we quit the same day and i too have a painful shoulder that interupts my sleep.caused by a stroke. so as well as wanting to quit i had to so as to prevent another. im so pleased for you..

mash x



you should be really proud of yourself. I'm proud of what you've done and you're a bloody nice person as well.



Awww thank you Tropical and Mash.

I always look to make sure you are still here and still quit Mash, Im so sorry that you suffer with your shoulder through a stroke, mine was because of a car accident and Ive just had it replaced.

I hope that yours eases off and mine too. LOL not only can we share quitting stories we can share shoulder stories too.

Lillie xxxx


well done lillie

you have always come across as strong i wish i had been as strong as you wen i was two months in

its amazing how our lives change and how our outlook completely changes i can relate to the annoyance you have with smokers, at work on my break we sit on the sofas near the exit door and the smokers trail past justifying why they are going out in the freezing cold at 3.30am with all sorts of excuses 'i need one' ' i deserve one' 'i have worked so hard i need my little reward' and of course the old age excuse 'its my only vice' oh my days how many times have i myself used that old chestnut, and i just wanna shake them so they see sense and stop and if they could just pull through the hard times they to would be free

and then they come back in stink to high heaven i am almost gagging they do look sooooooooooo cold and i am glad i dont have to join them any more


Ohhh Boo Im not strong really.

Many a time I have marched through this house ranting that I was going to have a ciggie. Last night I couldnt sleep again, I was lying in bed thinking a cup of tea and a ciggie would help this now. Thats what I used to do when Ive had trouble sleeping in the past.

What makes me *feel strong* is the support I have had from the people on this forum. We all have lives, we all have problems but we spare some time out of busy lives to offer support.

I couldnt face coming on here and saying Im sorry but your support was for nothing Im smoking again.

I have very good reasons not to smoke again, we all have, but the support on here is what makes it possible for me to say no to another puff.

Lillie xoxoxox


The smokers narrative I like to call it. Basically justifying to yourself why you can smoke :mad:

Been there several times


Massive WELL DONE Lillie - really chuffed for you! :) x


Congrats on reaching two months...there are still a few biccies left in month 3 room if you hurry ( could you bring a hoover so I can remove the crumbs evidence:o )!!!



Im sitting here welling up at the nice things that have been written on here, now stoppit or I may have to put you all in the corner.

Seriously though, thank you so much



You have done so well Lillie. Most of us find giving up tough enough without going through what you have. I think it's when we feel at our weakest - that we prove our own strength. Very proud to have you as part of the October crowd - and I know I will be seeing you in the Penthouse with me in a few months!


Hi Lillie,

Didn't see this thread yesterday as I had gone home by then :( But many, many congrats on completing Month 2 yaay :D You caught me up and overtook me :p

But I don't think the support I have had on here was for nothing. I may have screwed up but this forum kept not smoking uppermost in my mind as a goal I want to achieve. So it works :cool:


Zoe xxxx


P.S. You're supposed to be posting in Month 3 now young lady :D:p


LOL I know but i feel at home here .

You didnt screw up Zoe, you had a bad time and you coped with it as best you could. You will beat the Demon Hunny, of that I have no doubt.

Chin up sweet

Lillie xxxx


Many Many congrats.......... us N.O.P.E.'rs are coming behind you.....



Huge well done Lillie - and you're so right - the support on here is just fantastic when we're wobbling. But equally important are the posts like this - upbeat ones about how great it feels to reach milestones. I'm sure I'm not the only one who sometimes feels so wretched I can't be bothered to even post - but find just reading the posts of others helps so much. So thank you - for an inspiring thread!



Well done Lillie and welcome to month 3 .

Its going to get very crowed in here when all you October folk come bursting in. We september Stoppers had better shift our arses out of here. We'll leave the place tidy, biccie jar and drinks cabinet will be full..... enjoy !!!! :D


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