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Day 5-6

Hi all...

Well done on passing another day and gaining another gold star *

I'm Kind of blurring the line between day 5 and day 6...

Struggled a lot on Day 4, but Day 5, woke up feeling pretty good, that is a new feeling, and one I like, and it all went well... There were only two periods when I reached for the inhalator, although I did find my motivation and concentration were somewhat lacking in the evening. Several times during the evening when my mind was free to wonder my hands felt a little shakey and I was really quite restless...

Today however - Yay for Day6 - today has been a good day. There were several periods when the though of having a smoke crossed my mind, but it has been so busy, I just brushed the thought aside and carried on with work... Worked through my lunch break and before I knew it - home time :)

I've not had a pull on the inhalator at all today, but have held it between my lips several times. Generally I'm feeling a lot more relaxed and calmer than the previous few days and my anxiousness is decreasing (thanks noodlez). I'm actually starting to believe that I can do this, and that thought alone is giving me strength.

Although there have been times during the last hour or so when I've had a deep feeling restless cross over me... It'll pass I know, but I really want to try to get through the day without the inhalator... I know I'll probably use it a bit later, but that's ok! I have absolutely no urge no to go and buy a pack and smoke - none, nadda, zip... In fact - Never Again!!!

I'm not saying this is easy, but it wasnt like this last time I tried to stop. I didnt make it past Day 2 then, but here I am now DAY 6 and going strong!

Well done everyone who is hanging in there - tomorrow makes it a week, a mile marker that I never thought I'd see... We're all doing so well and I'm so happy that I found this forum before I quit... you guys rock!!!

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congrats chrism

what an achievement to get to a week tomorrow you should be proud and what a nice cheery post.

never quit quitting



Hi Jenni...

Awww thank you *hugs* Am feeling a little proud excited about reaching the week milestone :-)

Kudos to you too, you've done fantastically well, come up to yr 2 month marker... Yay!!!


Well done fella,

Without wanting to sound condescending it really does generally get easier so you've done excellent to get to a week


Fantastic achievement - well done Chris!


Hehehe, Thanks.... I do feel better today than I did yesterday... Trusting in you that the trend continues... :-)


Well done Chris

Without sounding like Im nagging dont look on the inhalater as the enemy that you want to get rid of too. Use it to help when you feel like you really could kill for a smoke, it is a tool to help you. I came off patches after 2 weeks and then tried to get rid of my lozenges too, it made managing the cravings really difficult.

But here I am at the end of two months, I have reduced my lozenges to 4 a day and should be off them altogether witin the next 4 weeks. So use your inhalater the way that suits yu but dont feel you have to egt rid of it straight away.

But back to the good bit......WELL DONE YOU:D:D:D


Brilliant Chris :D and you will feel such an achievement once you get that first week under your belt. I agree with Lillie though, there's no rush to get rid of the inhalator, take your time and use it when you need to. The important thing right now is staying smoke free.

Well done :cool:



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