Still here!!

Made it through Day 1 safe and sound, although I can't believe I have been mad enough to put myself through this process twice, forgot what it was like the first time :rolleyes:

So into Day 2. Not two bad this morning but started feeling a bit agitated around lunchtime, so had something to eat and set off for a walk. On the way I remembered reading the timetable of recovery or whatever it's called on the site. Remembered that according to that, at 48 hours rage 'peaks' :eek: Wasn't feeling irritable until I thought about that. So according to that, at 11.14pm tonight am I gonna blow up, smash my flat to smithereens, and chase after my neighbours with an axe?? Could be a fun night :p Maybe I should alert the cops, fire brigade and the armed forces just in case?? LOL!! So if you are up late tonight and hear a loud 'bang' coming from the direction of Wales, don't worry, just think 'Oh, Zoe's rage has just peaked' :D then get a good night's sleep and wait for the earth tremors tomorrow when my agitation 'peaks' lol, but that's another day .... not been too bad today, just a bit light-headed from the nicotine withdrawal plus some random craves, all par for the course.

Hope you are all good,

Zoe xx

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  • i know i already welcomed you back but welcome back zoeeeeeeeee, i love your messages they are so full of entertainment.

    you will do it this time and at least you have had a practise run first so you know what to expect im still having days when i struggle and on 6.2 weeks but its the knowing thanks to everyone on here it does get easier.

    keep your chin up and try not chinning any police peeps lol

    never quit quitting


  • Hey Zoe ..... WELL DONE :)

    Day 2 almost done, third day tomorrow and then it starts to get easier ..... BUT ..... "chilled calm" is better for the quit :) ... "agitated rages" that is the hard way to do it, besides, it's sounds highly dangerous for the people of Cardiff and they are nice people. :confused: :D

  • Hiya Zoe, that's fantastic... *runs around room waving arms in the air* all the best and hang I'm the, I'm just past the first hurdle myself but it is all so worth it :-)

  • Thanks guys :D and so much for the rage 'peaking' :confused: I was fast asleep when I hit the 48 hour mark so it was a bit of a damp squib really. Had the weirdest dream ever though, serves me right for reading Jeffrey Archer before bed, can I sue?? ;)

    And am too tired to be agitated today, so reckon should re-write their timeline :rolleyes:

    Onwards and upwards,

    Zoe xx

  • Thanks Karri, erm, I don't suppose you fancy a trip to Cardiff Library to help me remove a grotty little kid playing computer games?? He's given me a terrible headache :mad: Ooh, hang on, Mummy just came and took him away :D Prob is I've only got 15 mins left and then have to go home :( Will be back tomorrow though :p

  • When did libraries become places where kids and people are practically encou raged to make as much racket as they can and when did it become virtually impossible to ask someone to shut the f***k up its a library without having to put your life at risk or explain your reason to a moron. dont give into them Zoe. personally i like to take the Victor Meldrew approach with them and post a rotting mackeral through their letterbox....

    Mash x

  • LMAO Mash that just made me hoot with laughter so I am the noisy one now lol :D Please pass the mackerel .... I am getting my revenge today though, cos I keep getting moved from puta to puta, and as I am soaking wet due to awful Welsh weather I leave a wet bum print on the chair, so when the next person comes along .... yahahahaha :eek:

    Zoe xx

  • Zoe....doing good ....I listened all night and never heard you rage......just the's not mine!!!!!

    Hang in there :0)

  • Thanks Michelle, I'm hangin' :D xx

  • lol Zoe there's been a cpl times this last month I wanted to 'hang' someone....:eek: who said this no smoking lark put's you in a bad mood :D

  • Don't know if you've ever seen 'Torchwood', but part of the crux of it is about a rift in time and space in Cardiff. Methinks they had it wrong, and it's just the impact of your 'rage-wave' :D.

  • Not sure Jen, I defo feel as if I am in a time warp at the mo lol :eek:

  • I think I'm in a time-vacuum. I didn't realise you were already in the Days 4-7 room, the last I remember was reading a post from the day before you quit... And I'm still having trouble realising that we are in December, although conversely, I also think it's either 1998 or 2012 :o.

  • Thank you!!

    Hi zoemac, just been reading a couple of your threads and have to say your sense of humour is brill, you cheered me up on a crappy evening so thanks.

    Well done to you for quitting and making a lot of other quitters smile while you do it :D

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