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No Smoking Day
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2 Months Stopped !

Great to make it this far, visited a web client the other day and to my suprise his wife had stopped for 6 months and just started smoking again, so he just set me another challenge set in concreate and I thought that is not going to be me. This new life of health has opened doors to other opportunities, fingers crossed to be accepted on the Environmental Conservation Program Diploma 1 and 2, just met a wonderful woman who is into everything I do and does not smoke, wow, can`t wait for March 2012 to host an event in my local community. Thank you everyone here for major support, train the mind to say no to ill health, one love.

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'Train the mind'

Absolutely. That's what it's all about. Keep on like you're doing, and you'll be fine. Hope the event goes well!

Jah guide x


As one door closes another one opens. this smoking malarkey is so much about the mind. tobacco robs it from us, its great to get it back. life loves us when we quit.

mash x ps 2 calender months for me too today. so congats to u and me both.


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