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Hello hello hello

Hi everyone I'm back :D and just over 16 hours into my new Day 1. So things started off okay but seem to be going from bad to worse here. Went to the doctor's this morning and he was really nice and positive, so that gave me a much needed boost. But I have had so much to do today and have been walking backwards and forwards all around Cardiff, and now I am blooming exhausted and have a headache. Things came to a head when I lost a £10 note in the street, I was gutted and kind of erm, threw a bit of a hissy fit :o But having a smoke won't give me my tenner back, so I didn't and won't. Now I am in the library and it's full of screaming kids :rolleyes: Thought libraries were supposed to be quiet???? Or am I just getting old???? Oh well, another seven and a half hours to go and Day 1 will be done :D

Hope everyone is having a good day,

Zoe xx

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Great to see you on here again!

And no - you're not getting older. There is a time and place for screaming children and libaries are just not it!

Good luck - and looking forward to more of your whacky posts!




hey zoe

glad to see you're back on the wagon . I've made a few attempts to quit this year so don't worry about starting over. you'll get there sooner or later hopefully this will be the one for you. hoping I'll make it over Christmas and the new year when the booze is flowing. we'll see. best of luck with your new quit.


looking forward to more of your whacky posts!

I second that. Just on way to Cardiff to find a tenner. Even though you've gone from bad to worse you know it will get better Zoe.


Hi Zoe,

Well done on the Quit. Your having 1 of those days that hit smokers and non smokers. Lighting up a cigarette now will not take the problem away. It will proberly make u feel better because you have aggravation from the nictotine monster thats in your stomach demanding its feed.

So if u were to light up now the craving would go and u would think that u feel better but thats illusion. Wouldn't u be dissapointed if u gave in today? I know your having a bad moment but when u awake tomorrow morning how much better will you feel to say "ok i had a bad day yesterday but yipee i didn't smoke because of it".

Another thing is that try and be positive, I know its hard to get it in the head. But instead of feeling like u have given up your friend and prop think yipee i have escaped this awful horrible disgusting diesese that had ahold of me.

For up to 3 weeks your going to have aggravation from cravings. But u don't have to that aggravation in your head. All that craving is - is nicotien monster inside u demanding its feed.... you are starving him to death and once he's dead u will be free completely! But to make it easy u have to be clear in your head that u are not giving anything up. If u look at the post i posted yesterday it may help u.

Hope that helped:)


Great to have you back on board Zoe. Good luck, and keep posting - we're all in it together.




Hello Zoe *big wave* :D

I'm so happy to see you back on the wagon.

Sorry about the tenner though, and the irritating kids in the library. I know people who've worked in libraries, and apparently it's not uncommon for people to just dump their kids in there like it's a free babysitting service. :mad:


Welcome back.....we avn't arf missed you :p


Hey Zoe - you can do this - we're all rooting for you.



Well done you...:)

You'll probably be well through day 2 when you get to read this so (in theory) you will only have one more shit day (day 3) and then things start to improve. So stay positive . :)

Seems wrong to be telling you these things..... cos you already know.... aww well -- just reminding you. :D

Losing a tenner, that sucks, but maybe that's your piece of bad luck AND your good luck is a successful quit. He He ;) I'd call that a good deal.!!!!!!



Welcome back, however I hope and prey that this time things fall into place for you.

The last thing you need Whilst quitting is additional stress, and you sure had your fill last time :(, dont be sooooo hard on your self take it a day at a time AND most importantly remember we are here for you!

There is nothing else I can tell you that you have not been told or told to someone on this sight LOL.

This Time is YOURS!!!!


good to see you back zoe :) glad you didnt cave in and just think you would've been down £16 if you had smoked lol.

never quit quitting



Thanks for all the replies guys, well I made it :p And didn't choke the kids in the library either :rolleyes:

Noooooo - you lost £10 Not surprised you had a fit, I would have too.

Karri, I wouldn't have minded if it had been 10lb - especially off my middle :D

Zoe xx


Well done Zoe

So glad to see you back and on your quit.

You can do this, you know you can. so all of the good advice you give to others follow yourself and it will soon be day 50 again for you.

Chin up hunny

Lillie xxxx


Very well done Zoe you made it, its hard coming back but well worth it, you only fail if you stay with the fail. make sure you treat yourself..



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