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BAD champix dream!

I went to see my stop-smoking nurse for the last time on Friday and I'm gradually weaning myself off champix now....and good thing too!

I am a bit of a F1 (formula one) fan - and of course my team is Mclaren - can't really decide on which driver I prefer but even before taking Champix, I had a couple of dreams that I was going out with Jenson :cool:(and what a lovely guy he is too!)....sigh....

Anyway - haven't had one of those dreams on Champix so far - until Saturday night...OMG!!!!

I was unfaithful to Jenson - with ALONSO....:eek::eek::eek:

(for those of you who don't follow F1 - Jenson is nice, Alonso drives for Ferrari and is not nice)

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You moving to Switzerland? Wow taxes that high uh?


Hahahaha thats is just too funny, wish i had dreams lol.

never quit quitting



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