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Day 23

Day 23, just wanted to say hello to Month 1, still cannot believe that I've come this far, thank you everyone on this forum, you have been a great help.

Had a rubbish night's sleep, dreamt I smoked and it was more of a nightmare, couldn't work out when I woke up if it was true or not and felt so confused....and then relieved that it wasn't true! Not sure if that's the Champix or if everyone has these dreams?

Feeling very tired but still not going to smoke, keep positive everyone :D

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Hello SaraM

Well done on reaching day 23.

The smoking dreams you are experiencing are not confined to Champix users, having experienced a few of them myself. :eek: Yes, it is confusing when you wake up and realise it was only a dream but the feeling of relief that sweeps over you when you realise it which usually takes a few seconds, is very real and a great feeling. :D

Stay strong.



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