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Hi, I posted on here before afew days go but I failed b/c i was feeling low and thought ill stop again another day. So going to the shops again for the last 2 days and having to smoke outside because i'm not allowed to smoke in. I just thought i'm not doing this all over again this is a horrible life.

So I read, listened and re- watched various DVD's and books. My favirout which i think the NHS should give out free is Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking. As it is so easy and theres no replacment products.

I had read and watched the dvd so many times before and i have had success each time but what i couldnt work out was why i kept going back over and over again. So this time i really thought about it while i was watching and made sure i understood exactly what he was saying.

I just wanna share some parts of it with you all as i hope it will help you if u haven't heard of it before.

Why do we smoke? - These are the reasons we all give!

I like the smell: [*]So would u buy air freshner that smelt of cigarette smoke and spray that around your house? No

[*]Some of use like the smell of roses but do we roll them up and smoke them? No

[*]We all like the smell of our perfume but do we spray that on our fags? No

I like the taste

[*]We like the taste of food thats why we eat it... So if we like the taste of cigarettes why don't we eat them - because that would be disgusting.

I like Inhailing the smoke

[*]So why not breathe the smoke in from a fire? That would be horrible because its suffocation.

Its Oral Satisfation

[*]If its oral satisfation then why light it, Why not just pose with it.

It's Stylish and Cool

[*]Where do u get that idea from? Media/ film and all the other people out there doing it. We think its cool from seeing all the hotties in the films smoking and people out and about but do u still find it cool when u see someone who's aged and lost there teeth? No - The attraction lies in the person not the cigarette there smoking. You watch a film with the actor/ actress you find hot in, Whatever there doing in the film you will find attractive because the attraction lies in them. In most films and in public nowadays people are mostly non smokers.

It's a Social Prop

Nowadays you can hardly smoke anywhere, There is no such thing anymore as social smoking unless you think standing outside a building in the cold is a great way of so******ing?

It Relaxes Me

[*]Think about the most pleasurable things in life? One of mine is going to concerts, A concert is usually 2 hours long and i get to see my favirout band live. What am i doing when im there? I'm not enjoying it the full time as i can't wait for it to end so i can have a cigarette. In my mind the whole time is "this is great but i could really do with a cigarette right now"

[*]Another time u should be relaxing is when getting a massage. Yes your enjoying it but in your head your thinking "I could really do with a cigarette though right now, this would make it even better"

[*]We can't as smokers ever be relaxed because we have always got to feed our craving to be completely relaxed and it never lasts for long. In allen's book he tells a story about his daughters wedding, he said how proud he should of been watching her get married but instead he was thinking " When's this gonna end so i can have a cigarette" - How lame is that?

It Relieves Boredom

[*]There are always moments in our life that we are bored. Smoking dosen't relieve it. When were bored we have nothing todo so we feed and satisfy our addictions. It's a frame of mind, In fact we can't never do anything fun because we can't go for to long without a cigarette otherwise we cravings so instead of doing something fun we lie around bored lethargic. Smoking creates boredom.

It Helps Concentration

[*]It dosen't help at all. We are distracted from concentraiting because in our minds we are thinking i need a cigarette so we stop whatever were doing to have 1.

[*]Whenever we have distractions like say the television is on and we can't think and concentrate with it on... we turn the tv off. With smoking it is the distraction that stops us concentrating and we can't turn it off.

It Helps Stress

[*]Ok when we are stressed and have a cigarette we do feel instantly better. Only because we take away the aggrivation from craving a cigarette. But u still have the same stress.

[*]When were stressed this is when we usually chain smoke as we think it helps. Maybe the first 1 will take away that part of a craving but were still left with the actual stress/ problem. So then we chain smoke to try and get rid of the rest of the stress but it wont work because we have already satisfyed the nictoteen craving so the real problem is going to get any better.

[*]Even when the stress of that problem goes. Were still stressed all our lives whenever we cant smoke but want 1.

All of the above are illusions in our head that we enjoy cigarettes. We smoke for 1 reason only and that is because of NICOTINE:mad:!!!

We are drug addicts!! we are the same as cocaine users, herion users. We are junkies. Nicotine is the worlds highest addictive drug! We look at herion addicts and feel sick watching them inject themselfs but we do the same thing but we smoke it.

When we first smoke we plant a monster in our bodies... The nicotine monster and every few hours it demands its feed. When we don't feed it we get trauma (the craving) so we relieve it by lighting a cigarette and breathing in fresh smoke. Over life as with any drug it demands more to relieve it so then we become chain smokers. And then after that we cant never relieve the craving as you can't feed it anymore so you will forever feel that craving and trauma even when smoking.

A good example Allen uses is this:

Say u have this sore on your face which u can't cover with make up or anything. U go to the doctors they have no idea how to cure it or what it is. You then meet a man who says try this cream it will get rid of the sore. So u start applying the sore and yipee it goes away. It keeps returning each time bigger and bigger. U keep calling the man to get more tube of cream, He sells it to u for £10 atime.

The tube only lasts u aday but the sore has now covered your whole face so u have no choice but to keep paying for the cream. The cream removes the sore. Now u read in the paper that this is happening to lots of other people and that the cream does not get rid of the sore it only gets rid of it tempory. But by using the cream u have fed the sore and each time which caused it to grow. U also read in the paper that if u stop using the cream it only takes 3 weeks togo.

Would u need will power to stop using the cream? NO! and even though the sore covered your face each day it got better and better and u knew that by 3 weeks it would all be gone.

I think that was a really great thing to write and it does only take 3 weeks for the nicotine to leave the body so u will stop craving it.

The only problem is: the craving will go but not whats in your head and once u understand that smoking does nothing for u then u wont have any doubt in your head.

I'm sorry if i rambled on but i wanted to share what i learnt with everyone and i hope it will help! I'm also sorry if i spelt a few things wrong i'm not the best speller lol.

I know now that I wont smoke again i really hate it now! and i can finally walk past people in the streets and pubs without wishing i was having 1 but feeling sorry for them that they have to go through life craving cigarettes all the time. Another thing is i can't believe how much cigarettes have gone up in price. I smoke 10 aday usually richmonds or Lamber and Butler. I probs would smoke more if i could have but i just couldn't afford it. When i first started i used to buy 20 Lambert and they were £4.50. Then i went down to 10 Richmond because i couldn't afford 20 aday anymore. 10 Richmond was £2.45 when i first started and now within the last year or so they've gone to £3.34 and some of the 20 packs are now over £7 nearly 8. I can't imagin how much there gonna be this time next year but i look forward to walking into stores and seeing the prices go up and thinking thank goodness i don't smoke anymore.

My goal was that i wanted to start 2012 of as a non smoker but i wanted todo it before then as i find it horrible the day before the 1st of January to say this is my last cigarette. Its so much pressure and then for the first few days your miserable for the new year. Thats why i think its better todo it now. I hope i don't have any bad moments as i feel so positive to never ever go back to that horrible chain of smoking. I'm 21 now so i hope that i havn't done to much damage to myself and that i can repair anything that i have. My teeth are stained in the corners and the back but tip for u all! brush your teeth with baking powder mixed with water once day and it will remove the staines eventually but make sure after using it u rinse your mouth out and then brush your teeth with normal tooth paste.

Just 1 more thing that Allen says in the book don't say u have given up smoking. Say you've escaped! because we have! were not giving anything up were only gaining and weve escaped from illnesses and death.

I really hope what i wrote can help someone if anyone wants the dvd i will try and post it to youtube.


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WOW!!! s17 what a great post, I too read Allen Carr and thought he was brilliant. This not smoking can be done I am living proof, you are young and doing it now will be much easier than doing it at my age.

Hope you stick at it, take care.



Couldn't agree more Betty Boop!! fantastic post, well done s17 :D


Awesome post... I'm on day5, and feeling a little funky as this usually the e of the I'd nip out for a quick smoke, but not anymore :-) thank you for the great words, made me feel far better and hope they do the same for others...

Well done and good luck to you too for taking the steps to "escape" :-D


Wow, wow and wow again.

Even though I am getting to 10 weeks - I have gotten a huge amount out of this post. After a while, you tend to forget why you gave up in the first place - and complacency can set in, which can (not saying will) lead to 'I'll just have one' a big thank you from me!



Hi guys! Thank you so much! I feel really great and positive. I just so relieved that its finaly over. I'm gonna stay on this forum posting as whenever someday stops on willpower method they usually start with doom and gloom. I know i did everytime i stopped doing that. I think its impossible to give up on will power if u don't know the trap and how it works. To have cravings but to have will power to say no. Man that must be such a horrible thing to go through... Ive only ever managed on will power todo it for a few days. I would rather smoke then go through that.

Also even after time u can forget what u learnt and need support so i'm going to stay on here and help others if going through a rough patch and also if i need it.



Oh wow just felt like I was looking in the mirror as reading your original post haha. I said to myself I'd quit a few days ago then failed because I started to feel so low.

Then I found Alan Carr's easy way to stop smoking book (was an audio tape). I listened to it over the weekend and I was very sceptical of it at the beginning but it all just clicked and by the end I was ready. Since extinguishing my last cigarette I've had like no cravings whatsoever :) The very few I had lasted like 5 seconds and I wouldn't really have called them cravings. I believe this is because I no longer have the fear or regret of quitting which just seems to cause such intense cravings!

I've developed a bad headache in the last hour or so but that's probably my body receiving and learning to deal with the right levels of fresh oxygen I need :) Taken an Ibuprofen and hoping it will fade soon but its not getting me down one bit been on a high all day :) not had that in a long time!


Great post. I used Allen Carr's audiobook before going cold turkey. It is a great way to get your mind ready for your quit. Good stuff.


Well done s17 make sure you keep that motivation sharp. Iv added this page to my favourites it will be a good reference as i forget easily.



Well done s17 make sure you keep that motivation sharp. Iv added this page to my favourites it will be a good reference as i forget easily.


Thanks Mash and everyone for your comments. I feel ace... i know i wont never go back... Today i have been on such a high that i finally started my other goal that i wanted and that was to get some muscle on this skinny body of mine lol.

I want to make sure i never ever go back to that disgusting thing. I'm gonna make a youtube video with what i wrote in my first post as times before i forgot what i had learnt so i want something that i can refer to if i ever forget. I hope u can all favorit that video also :)


Brilliant post!

I read Allen Carr many years ago and although it didnt work for me long term he does talk a lot of sense.

Apparantly the video version is on you tube I may have a little look and remind myself.

Lillie x


Brilliant post!

I read Allen Carr many years ago and although it didnt work for me long term he does talk a lot of sense.

Apparantly the video version is on you tube I may have a little look and remind myself.

Lillie x

Yeah it is but annoying its out of sync... but i want to adapt a version thats just 5minutes so in a weak moment just a quick reminder.

Ill post it here when i'm finished. :)


I know this is disgusting but since i quit this time round.

Everyday since i have coughed up flem.

lol i know its disgusting but is anyone else had this and is it ok/normal?


Lots of people go through this, for some reason I havent. It is normal though so dont worry.

Lillie xx


Go for it S17. I'm 93 days down the line after reading the book. Found that it made a lot of sense, and to be honest, I haven't really struggled at all compared to previous quit attempts. Just remember that it's only about breaking the cycle of nicotine addiction and you've got a huge head start.. Good luck!


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