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Day 3


Grumbling in to day 3.

Didn't sleep to bad but have woken up feeling really teachy (grumpy) and have a nagging headache. Trying to remember to take a deep breath before i snap at oh, mind you i think he trying to wind me up on purpose.

Starting to get missing feeling now, after dinner etc.

Hoping the day doesn't get to bad .

Hope everybody has a good day.


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What a crap day. Broke into next door neighbour as there had been no sign of him and all the curtains were closed and didnt answer phone. Was found dead on floor. was only 62. Was Husbands best and oldest friend. Husband had heard him in the bathroom at 5am this morning.

Really want a smoke now.:(

awful...really sorry to hear that.....

the easy thing would be to reach for a hard as it is don't do it....

thinking of you :(

Gosh - so sorry, how awful for everyone. Definitely a big trigger - but a cigarette wouldn't change a thing - except to make you feel even worse.

Hang on in there - you'll feel great tomorrow, knowing you've beaten this one.



Aw, so sorry that's happened, you have my sympathy. *hugs*

Hanging in there, just. Feel a failure when you can't do cpa due to not being able to turn him onto his back as was very large man.

Hiya wtsn...

Thoughts and wishes are with you, and I really want to echo the other posts - smoking wont help, if anything it'll just make things worse... You'll still have the sorrow, but you'll have lost all the hard work you've accomlished over the last few days...

You're doing so well... Hang in there *hugs*

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