No Smoking Day
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Feeling quite miserable tonight

And its not really like me. My chest is quite tight tonight and Ive taken my inhalers. but for some stupid reason I cant stop thinking that maybe smoking is the stupid is that! I KNOW its not the answer and usually I can handle this type of thing but tonight Im really annoyed because that feeling wont go away.

I wont smoke, I know that and you lot you have supported me know that too. But tonight for the first time I feel that I have given up something instead of stopping an evil addiction.

Cheesed off and going to go to bed soon I think.

Lillie xoxoxoxox

Oh just thought Im cutting down on my lozenges, Im down to 4 a day maybe thats it! <kerching!!! lightbulb moment>

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I hope you are feeling better today.



Hi Lillie,

Think maybe your lightbulb kerching hit the nail on the head.....I reduced all of my NRT too quickly n floundered a bit.....

Hang in there :)



Hi Lillie

It might also be down to timing, a few of us late Sept quitters have just come out of a couple of bad weeks, would be about the same time frame for you now. It is passing though, another hurdle done with.

Hope you feel better.


Maybe it's a winter thing? There seem to be quite a few people in the doldrums at the moment. :confused:

Hope that you had a good nights sleep and that everything has looked brighter today Lillie.

But in your case, I am 100% sure that you did not smoke. Not you. No siree. ;)


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