No Smoking Day
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Kinda into day 6

I say kinda... i was on day 6 at 7:30pm tonight...

I dont know whats up with me, iv been doing really well to the point where i havnt even bothered. Yet tonight im sitting here on my own... and all iv thought about for the past hour is curling up on the sofa with a ciggy in my hand..

I havnt mind.... but it dosnt stop me thinking...

I think it could be because im "on my own" this evening, normaly the OH is here, but hes gone out for the night for a curry an a drink with his best mate whos come all the way from Kent to see him (not really seen each other properly cause OH moved up here to be with me so when they get together they like to make the most of it)

Its kinda got me thinking about next weekend too, Next weekend im going out for a girls night with people from work... 2 of them are smokers and one is an ex smoker that just likes to be sociable at ciggy time... i dont want to be a smoker, not even a sociable one..... i hope ill be ok :(

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I'm sure you'll be okay Cherry, just smelling how bad it is seems enough to put us off at these times. I'm very wobbly at times but find the social situations easy due to the bad smell and bad weather, when it's raining I walk past the smokers and think thank god I don't have to stand there in the freezing cold anymore! Go with the attitude that you will see smoking for what it is.....a nasty addiction that makes us all stand in the rain and cold when we should be partying :D


Hiya Cherry,

With another week under your belt, I have faith and confidence that you'll get through the night... Miss the first one when they go out, and the smell of them when they come back in will be enough to put you off...

You're doing so well, you don't want to ruin it on a night out... I don't know if others echo my thoughts here, but I don't think there is such a thing as a sociable smoker anymore. The whole smoking thing seems to shunned more and is becoming more anti-social... And like Pip says, you'll be out in the cold dark wet rain... Might even snow next week... Nah, you'll be fine ;-)

Oh... And well done on day 6 *does a little celebratory dance* :-D


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