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Xmas party !!!

Well I've managed an xmas party. Phew! The girls I went with both smoke as well and its the first time since quit I've been outnumbered!!! I never realised before how annoying it is when people you're with keep disappearing for a cigarette :mad: Like every 15 minutes and leave you sitting on your own :mad: I know I've done this to people loads of times myself and never thought anything about it as another friend has pointed out And yes conversation gets really disjointed and impossible. On the plus side I felt absolutely no desire to join them jumping up and down all the time to stand out in the freezing cold. In fact it just reminded me what a pain the nicotine addiction was!

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Hi JoC

Well done for getting through the Christmas party without not wanting to smoke.

Another benefit of not having to pop out for a nicotine hit was that you woudn't have smelt like an ashtray when you got back to your seat!! :D :D :D



Hi Joc and well done in not having a fag while at Xmas party.

All the best on your quit.


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