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Day 4 - :(

Hi All beginning of day 4 and it is bbblllaaaaahhhh. Whilst my head is not screaming I need a ciggie the voice is saying sure be nice to have one, and making me realise I miss smoking. Dont get me wrong, I wont have one but I d like too. I just feel a bit horrid. General questions are a grind, company in general feels like a grind. Even the phone just ringing gets my back up. Everything seems quite irritating and annoying coupled with a splitting headache. And still got a vile taste in my mouth. GGGgggrrrrrr

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annnddd I m ok!

Had a thought :eek: that I ve been lil mrs grumpy, and lil mrs grumpier even when I used to smoke. Not having a ciggie doesnt change that. Can still have days that I am a grumpy pants with or without ciggarettes, not because!!

Sorry to be negative earlier but rant over! :)


I think i remember feeling like that but it was 8 weeks ago now so it must have passed. i get grumpy sometimes but why not its december its dark and wet, youll have good days too, i find without smoking the good feelings feel better and the bad feelings are not as bad as you think they ought to be. i think smoking trains us to avoid feelings. i dont know about you but i used to smoke my way through everything, now im quite alright to ride through everything.

I wish you well with your quit.

Mash x


Hiya Lucy,

Good to you still with us :-) missed you yesterday... I know what you mean about the little things causing annoyances... And the little voice "wouldn't it be nice to nip out and have a quick smoke", but I know that as soon as I do I'll regret it and feel worse...

Hang on in there, once the habit is broken, and that's all it'll be, you'll feel better and much happier I'm sure ;-)


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