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Over 6 months now

I got through 6 months on 22/11/11. I cannot quite believe how quickly the time has flown by and how little I have thought of smoking oiver the last..say...three months. Even in times of stress I rarely think of cigarettes and if the slightest craving comes my way, which they rarely do, I remind myself of my own disappointment a few years ago when I caved after 18 months - and the fact that the stress was still there. A cigarette changed nothing other than leading me to the next cigarette, next packet and before I knew it, a 20-a-day smoker once more.

So although I rarely post here, I think 6 months is worthy of recognition and celebration - and where better to do it than here?! :D

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Thanks for your reassuring post Baggiesfaninessex

It's comforting to read of experiences from those who are further down the line and I would hope that in 6 months I too will only be thinking of (not) smoking here and there. I am definitely heading in the right direction. :D

Stay strong.



Glad your OK, you might be tempted when your relegated this year.

Jonny [Wolves fan]


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