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Goodbye Day 2

Well day 2 is drawing to a close, surprisingly even easier than yesterday. Went shopping today with a smoker which didnt bother me in the slighest. :confused: Dont think I had a single crave while shopping. Starting to worry this is the calm before the storm?

Only thing bothering me is starting last night and all day today I have a horrible metallic (ish) taste in my mouth that nothing seems to get rid of. :mad:

Anyone else had any experience of this with quitting or champix?

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Hi Lucy,

Well done on getting to the end of day2 :-D

I've not had a metallic taste, but I'm on the patches/inhalator path... I was feeling a little light headed this afternoon, but that has past now... Are you doing champix?

Hope tomorrow is just as smooth for you :-)


Im not doing champix, im useing patches... but iv got a really vile taste in my mouth too. At first i thought it was the oil i used to fry my egg in yesterday morning (cause thats when the taste kicked in) but iv had it all day today as well... really vile taste that destroys everything you eat :(


Hi ChrisM, thanks. Just getting to the end of day 3 now. :rolleyes: Yeah I m on the Champix.

Just read your post, keep fighting the demon. You ve done so well so far! Might be a bit weird lol but when I get the voice I say, even aloud some of the time, NO! lol.

Try to distract yourself, read posts on the forum and post post post if you need to. You can do it!! :D


Hi Cherryd69, its awful isnt it?! :mad: Feels like someone has sprayed a can of hairspray in my mouth & I ve got a mouth full of metal!! Yuck!


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