Aargh...Weekend...Sunshine....Temptation - No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

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Feel like such a spoilsport, but I just want it to RAIN and be Monday morning!!!!

I could go out in the sunshine, maybe even for a cold beer now all the jobs are done, but I am feeling very tempted.

I really don't want to give in. I'm on Day 13 for goodness' sake. Been running, swimming, cycling in that time (first time since school 20 years ago, pretty much) and beginning to feel pretty healthy.

It's such a strong urge though. Been fine this week up until now :( Just when I think I could never go back, this happens..

I think I am going to get out and about. Have rushed around like a mad thing all morning getting the kids to parties, swim lessons etc. Now I have time on my hands I am in fear of doing something very very silly.

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I can understand what you mean, you've just got to remember it's an association your brain is making - you've done well to get so far.

I'm not far from you (Manchester), and it's rare to get some sun, let alone at this time of year! ;)

My advice is to go out anyway and break the association. Have a couple of non-alcoholic beers if you think you might give in to temptation - some of the alcohol-free beers aren't too bad. Some pubs have no smoking outdoor areas too, not saying you won't get a whiff of smoke, but it might be a bit easier.

Loads of us who gave up in winter had a similar problem back when the nice weather started in the spring. Suddenly - boom - whole bagful of happy smoking associations. I agree with Jen, you have to get out there and get through it and realise that it is possible to be in the open air with a drink and not smoke. (It is, honestly!).

Smoking doesn't enhance the enjoyment, any more than it reduces stress, or wakes you up, or cheers you up, or helps you sleep, or whatever - it's just that we've smoked at times when we were happy (or stressed or sleepy or sad or wakeful) and created a psychological link. They can be broken, you just have to power through!

Keep going, don't do anything silly, you'd regret it SO much.

H xx

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