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A treacherous decision


Hi all.

I really can't believe that I now find myself back in this forum after 2 and a half years of being a non smoker but alas here I am. It is only this morning that I have found the courage to admit to myself that I have fallen back into the trap of nicotine.

It started back 3 months ago when I was at a wedding and was given a cigar by e father of the bride. I stupidly thought that there would be no harm in having just one cigar, I was very wrong.

A week passed and for some crazy reason I bought another and justified this as a one off. Before I new what was happening I was smoking 5 a day.

The reason I'm posting here today is simple, I'm now back at day one of being a non smoker. I was so proud of my last quit an I am totally gutted I missed the triggers and let complacency destroy all I had achieved.

This site helped me thought the last quit and I am determined to get back on the horse so to speak. So with all that now said and out in the open it's day one of the rest of my life.

This was a big step for me today admitting I failed again but I know this has to be the first step. I am going for it cold turkey this time and I am determined that this is the end for me as a smoker.

OK rant over.

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So sorry to hear you lost your quit after so long Bob, I quit just after a month after you. So a timely reminder for me that it can happen to us all.

I had my first wedding to attend about 3 months in - not long anyway the July after the May and nearly took a cig from my cousin, I do think if I lose this quit finding the desire to quit again could be hard. So well done to you.

Keep posting and start reading again and remember never take another puff - of anything.

Good luck Bob

Hi Bob I know how you feel! something very similar happened to me I had stopped for 2 and a half years

as-well and then I had a cigarette and I continued to smoke for the last year.

I will be stopping on the 28th I have started a course of Champix its the 3rd day today I used Champix the last time and it was a great help then!

I have forgiven myself for being so stupid and hopefully I will never be so stupid again because while being smoke free I felt so proud and much better health wise and of course money wise, the good news we were both non-smokers and we can be again. Viv


Hi Bob, I am so sorry that you have found yourself in the nasty position of having Mr Nicco Demon back on your shoulder, I am sure that you will have him kicked into place very quickly.

Well done for managing 2 and a half years smoke free and also well done for being honest enough to know you need to come back and get the support of some great people who have also managed to quit, I am also sure that you will be a massive asset to the forum and will be able to support some of those struggling along the way, including letting us who are a little further along the road know that it’s so easy to fall off the wagon.

You probably thought you would never hear these words on here, but welcome back.

Good supporters are always needed so you have the job LOL.



Thanks for your reply and hopefully your right regarding reminding people to be aware of the triggers. I thought long and hard about posting as I did not want to deter anyone who is starting their quit by posting about failing after so long.

Hi Viv0147

Thanks for your reply. I really was thinking that I was the only one who failed after such a long quit. I agree with you regarding Champix, It really was a great help to me on my last quit, Failing was my fault this time and nothing else.

Hi Jamangie

Thanks for your kind words of support, I have no doubt that with the help from this forum I will succeed this time. I will also be around often to offer any advise I can as I will be going though it again. I am already feeling more positive after posting this morning. It's a bit of a weight of my shoulders.

OK back to work for me but I will be back on a regular basis.

Thanks folks.

Welcome back, Bob...

All the best with this new attempt, and a very healthy warning to anyone who thinks that "just one" can't hurt.

Here we go again ;)

Hi Bob. Breaking a 2.5 year quit must be heartbreaking, but well done for recovering so quickly - on my previous failures, it has taken me a number of years to try again. Good luck.


Not much you can do except to start all over again :(

I was caught out by cigars after an almost five-year quit several years ago. Day 1, one cigar, day 2, two cigars, day 3, a few cigarillos, day 4, a couple of cigarettes... up until a year ago, almost 60 cigarettes per day.

But, after almost a year now I'm happy to say I have no desire to smoke another cigar, or cigarette, or tobacco of any kind every again... I don't want to have to restart a quit again, ever.

Good luck, and stay strong!!!


Thank you all for your comments and I will be taking them onboard.

It has been devastating to say the least to have to take the walk of shame and admit to myself that my quit was gone. I was so proud of what I had achieved.

Nothing more to say about that now, onwards and upwards to my new quit.

My feeling is I know I can do it as I have before so just have to get on with it.

Thanks again for welcoming me back.


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