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No Smoking Day
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Well I was warned to keep some nrt lozenges with me for emergencies..

I lost my 52 day quit yesterday. :eek:

Am very fed up with myself. :(

there's 4 left from the packet of 10 I bought.

I rang the surgery this am, there's a no smoking counsellor there again, but I feel sooo stupid..

I did make an appointment to see her though.

Anyway, I also bought a new supply of nrt from the chemist.

I'll try to start my new quit tomorow.

Wish me luck..

I hope you are all doing better than me!

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Thank you Karri

trouble is I don'y know whether to go back to day 1 again or whether that would just depress me more.

It was all a horrid mistake.

I fell rubbish, have now done only unuseful things today..

and I'm out tonight too, and I'd promised myself to have a go at the tidying this am and didn't.. so poor husband will come home to an unwelcoming home..

words fail me to describe how fed up with myself I am.


Thank you Una G

that's really kind.

I can't wait for the day I've given up for good and feel confident that I will stay given up, but evidently that won't be very soon.:(


hi eleanor if it was just a couple of days i would call it a hiccup in your quit if you carry on not smoking from tommorow put the last couple of days behind you and carry on with the original quit .dont feel guilty we all have slip ups but as long as you keep trying youll get there eventually and hopefully start feeling better good luck lisa



Hey Eleanor ....don't beat yourself up over it , 52 days is a bloody good effort and 52 days of breathing in clean healthy air . Lots of people encounter blips / failed quits .....practice makes perfect:)

I can sense your frustration:mad:as have been there myself. The fact that you are so annoyed is a good indicator that you will soon be back on your quit horse and more focussed next time .

Stick with it ....you have still done very well.:cool:

Trev x


like the others have said dont beat yourself up about it...you are getting back on track so thats great!! also you have proved to yourself that you can quit and that you dont need it!! so carry on luv..all the best!!:D


Thank you very much that's very helpful and kind of you.:)

I don't think on reflection that I will go back to day 1 as it would just be too discouraging. As it is I have done that repeatedly since two years ago, and the longest I've smoked in the meantime was two packets of 10 back last july.

have just fallen for an nrt lozenge, am seeing the counsellor wednesday, I think I'll ask her for the 5mg patches, at least they wouldn't damage my gums, I might get them even if they won't prescribe them: one nurse refused to prescribe me anything last time, then I lost the number of the nurse who would prescribe.


Ell, don’t let a couple of cigs make you feel down, why should you not just forget it and carry on with your quit, if it makes you feel better go back to 50 days.

So long as you feel chilled with it then no problem, remember there is no hard and fast rules on quitting, some of us are lucky enough to do it in one go and others do it with stepping stones, maybe you needed this to make you more positive and able to carry on, the sun is shining and you are definitely a non smoker.

I wish I could find the thing about diets, it said something like, if you have a piece of chocolate on a diet is that the diet lost?? Of course it’s not you were just having a treat, my problem is I now love the treats :mad: you can’t treat cigs as treats though because before you know it you will be a full time puffer again, take care and good luck.


Thank you Dears :)

its very sweet of you. I will think about going back to day 50, and try to take on board the positive thinking.

Its been a beautiful day but my husband only just got home from work at 6.30pm, so plenty of time to get lonesome. He is too tired to talk. If we weren't so glad he has a job I'd really, really hate his job.

Failed to get cat2 flea-spotted today. It's too soon since I wormed her, she can clearly remember being caught.. Cursed myself for a clumsy fool- still, she seems fine, husband ( who I shall call H) doesn't think she needs anti-flea until she gets fleas- but by then she could have ticks and get tick fever again, and besides once they have fleas the whole house has to be treated which may be good against the moths, but is one more thing to struggle to get around to. :confused:


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