a recidivist

Hi, everyone, I'm a sort of a recidivist: being able not to smoke for a long time, and that without huge effort actually, but from time to time I again light up one & start smoking a lot with the idea of quitting soon. Well, the problem is that for some time I'm not really able to stick with my non-smoking for a long continuous period again, let alone permanently.

Okey, but today I'm here with a serious try once again.

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  • krikey , that sounds a little liike me , in the last year i havnt smoked for 7 months and did for 5 , i have had enough and want to call it a day once and for all.

    good luck , we will have to try and be real stubbon (I am also on day 1), hope this goes well for you :)

    daizy x x

  • Hi Kalmir

    (just googling recidvist:o) .

    Firstly good luck with your quit..is it today? :)

    I can relate to what your saying sort of, my longest quit last year was 6months...just over! ..... I have tried since on & off without much success, or getting anywhere near that length of time. I think its because i know i can do it...so it becomes a bit of a mind thing, like yourself..."oh i will do it tomorrow" ... I have realised after a long time that it is the wrong way to think! it just gives you that excuse to smoke once again....

    This time everyday i dont smoke I smile and remember why i want to quit.....This gives me the encouragement i need to keep on going.:)

    Fingers crossed :)

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