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I just found this forum while looking for tips to beat the cravings of smoking while drinking. I'm on day 12 and I'm spending the weekend out of town where I know everyone is going to be drinking and smoking. Doesn't help that my boyfriend will be too. I managed to stay in and go to the cinema this weekend and keep myself busy but I can't escape it forever. Somehow a cigarette and a glass of wine go hand in hand. I had a beer last night while watching a film where denzel washington was chain smoking and i wished I could just reach into the screen and steal a fag. :eek:

So any tips? I thought i might go the weekend sober but where's the joy in life when you are not able to join your friends and drink? It feels like cutting cigarettes out of my life is cutting my so******ing out as well. :(


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Hi Leo and welcome,

It's really down to the individual, but if it were me I'd probably try not to drink this weekend. It doesn't mean that you're going to have to do this forever, but until your quit is strongly established it really might be the best course of action. I've seen the booze ruin many a good quit during my time on this site.

If you really feel it would ruin everything and you really want to drink, then make sure you have a plan of action for when the craves hit, which they certainly will. Are you using NRT? One of those fag shaped inhalers might help. Or make sure that you tell everyone that they are not allowed to give you a fag, no matter how much you beg :D

Like I say - it's really down to you and what you think you have the strength for. But you're doing such a great thing, don't jeopardise it and end up back at day one again!

Best of luck. And enjoy the weekend, whatever you decide.


Hi Leo

I went out. I felt i had to break the association at some stage and better sooner rather than later. It's a little easier these days as pubs and bars are non-smoking areas but i understand, lots of my friends are smokers too and we've been smoking together since we were kids really and there's a gap there now. It might take a while but you WILL get used to it. Best of luck :)


No Helbelles, i'm not taking any NRT, doing it cold turkey. I used gum and patches before didn't work for me. Probably because I wasn't ready to quit all those other times.

Stocking up on gum and gummy bears (my fav ciggie substitute) also bringing some juice and sprite, make a little non alcoholic fruit spritzer. Leaving in a few hours, won't be back till monday. No internet where i'm going, what i usually distract myself with instead of having a ciggie. So i guess i'll grab a book to go with me.

Thanks for the advice and support, i think i'm gonna stay sober tonight and tomorrow and perhaps have a glass of wine or 2 on saturday (to celebrate my 2 week mark). It feels good knowing that there are people (like Jordan) who are at the same exact stage as me going through similar experiences.

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday!


Good luck Leo!

I was three weeks yesterday and I'm still having a hard time at the weekends because I adored a smoke with my beer! I had a horrific time last weekend and almost caved when I was drunk but thank God in my drunken stupor I still realised that it would be a sin to give in now! I have the wee mini lozenges I keep in my bag for an emergency and I had a few of these which helped as well.

So stay strong, try not to get TOO drunk as your guard will deffo be down and you don't wanna ruin your quit now :)

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