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Day 3 and hello :)

Hi all,

Today is day 3 for me in my quitting the evil that is smoking, and yesterday i found this forum which i read and took a lot of inspiration from so i thought why not join to. The first day of my quitting was by far the easiest so far i think due to the fact that i was really up for it and after many previous attempts this time i felt confident and determined to do it. Day 2 wasnt so easy, after the high of getting through day 1, i soon realised i had to do it all again, i am lucky i guess that i ride a bike to work and back so smoking to and from work has never been a problem and last night i played football, but the nights sleep was the worst i have ever had. Today i woke up really wanting to smoke and now i am sitting at work qwishing i had brought some money with me to get some, but i am glad i leave all cash at home, and i am sticking to drinking a lot of water. I also like to say that the Niquitin lozenges have been a god send and really take the edge of the craving, and a nice minty fresh mouth after :)

Thanks for reading


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Nice one Andy! These first few days are the hardest, keep busy.


I used the mini lozenges as well Andy and as you say, they were a Godsend in my early days. Good luck in your quit :)


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