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leaping into day 2!


oh it's so great to get into day two, feeling a bit spaced but very positive and just as importantly i'm feeling healthy!! i am at the proudly telling people i've quit stage, and they are at the stage there they still care! i have to remember that ends and then it's just me and this forum against the craves, but for now at least it is all good, full fat patch firmly in place, a pack of cigs somewhere in the house but i don't even think of them :) ><5mol<er

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Best wishes for a successful quit.I'm somewhat hooked on the forum at the moment.I think its a great help during the early stages especially.In fact all stages:)

Hey congrats on getting to day 2, most half-hearted quits end on day 1 and you're still here! Keep fighting and good luck.

Oh and if I was you i'd lose the cigarettes you have in your house, I know some people like to keep them as a sense of control but if you have a wobble it'd be so easy to go and get them, but if you have to go to a shop then it gives you more time to think about it properly.


Smoker, am totally rooting for you. We're talking big pom poms and cartwheels and 'gimme an S!'

Believe in yourself. You can do this.

H xxx

Hi smoker, day 2 is brill! you sound so happy ..... willpower is amazing, cigs in my house wouldnt be intact :o well done :)

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