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No Smoking Day
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Zen Ten!


Well another day under the belt.... its getting quite snug this belt with all of these days under my belt. chortle!

Super pleased that i am now on double figures!!!! 10 days now... top banana! :D

Its getting easier, the craves are mild now, every so often one will jab me in the ribs with an ouchy behaviour. However, I'm feeling strong and happy!

Hope everyone is doing just fine!


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Zozie, how lovely to hear such happiness in a post. You're doing better than me, I can tell you - at day ten I was a grouchy weepy whining snotbag! :D

Long may it continue. Onwards and upwards!

Congratulations on double figures,

H x


Quit Kit info too

Aww Thanks H!

I still get attacks for the flying grumps on occasions, but today is a sun shiney sparkly day, fingers crossed it continues happily!

I have got a stop smoking pack free from the nhs, its quite good and has a sticker chart with the first month, so it's like an advent calendar and i quite look forward to the end of the day so that i can stick my well done sticker on... marvellous! Theres cloud stickers for not so good days and rainbows for crave free days.

It really appeals to my juvenile happiness and works for me.

If anyones interested then heres a link


Cut and paste into your URL and enjoy your free quit kit!! Huzzah



Good going, Zozie! I am not too far behind you.:)


Love your post Zozie! Positivity all the way although i am jealous because i would love a chart and stickers!! Too late for me now i guess but you've got me thinking - I might make myself a great big badge!

now where's my glitter and glue.....



Yay Ellie,

Your doing great now! It gets easier and upwards for you now, keep on keeping on, and you'll be a sure fire winner!!! :D

Hehe Cindy!

Do it! Glitter, Glue and Badge making, you could get an old calendar and change the date headings and get a seperate set of star stickers to play with. Loving the idea! :D



Well done on your day 10 Zozie, think you will need to get a huge belt eventually with all the days you will be collecting :D Loving the positivity. Your a star :)


Well done Zozie on reaching day 10.You're doing great.:)


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