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No more!!

Back to day four as I smoked last saturday :( i am using NRT from my weekly visit to the chemist and i am meant to be on week 10 but because I have slipped up on saturday nites (a few times) i am back at day four. Can i just say having just one puts you back on the slippery slope as that is exactly what i have been doing at the weekend - 'almost' starting to look forward to smoking on saturday with a drink. BUT Not this weekend!!!!

Would highly recommend lozenges though but find I am probably using too many as they are helping me not to eat too much either!

It does get easier as I am not thinking about them as soon as I open my eyes now - its just the dreaded alcohol at weekend. I am fine in the house having a wee drink but as soon as I am out at the pub i am finding myself asking people for a fag - how embarassing is that! so will be avoiding the pub just for a couple of weeks until i break this "habit". I have noticed a massive difference in my purse over the last 10 weeks though but I will say every sunday, monday and tuesday the wee smokers cough is back and i can feel my lungs clearing. not good. another wee tip though is if you eat healthy, you feel better, i was finding substituting fags at work with chocolate was making me feel down. best of luck to everyone who is on the first week like me:D

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Hazelnut, I think avoiding the pub for a week or 2 is a wise move. I plan to do the same. Keep going, you'll get there.


Hazlenut you are exactly the same as me, I'm on week three now and hardly think about smoking during the week but come the weekend - BAM - it hits me like a ton of bricks. I pop away at the lozenges to take the edge off but still get mad cravings. I haven't given in (and I won't give in cause I know one will lead to another, then another) but it is horrific trying to keep the cravings at bay when drinking!!! I'm hoping it'll start to ease off with every passing week, but it is really hard!


I was fine for 6 weeks and its been since then. I really hit a hard period at this mark but preparing for it. I think the next time there is a chance I will "slip" i am not even going to bother going out - not worth it. Theres only a couple of times you can get away with it and get back on track but if i slip again i reckon i will be back to smoking full time and i dont want that!!

there appears to be a lot of people struggling bad around 6 - 8 weeks and i think we need to prepare well for it :) the chemist said i should be cutting down lozenges but i cant the now, would rather keep using them for another month or two than smoke again. dont think they fully understand - they just want u to do the 12 weeks and thats it :confused:


I want my quit date to show underneath my post like everyone else's - how do you do it??? :D:p


Click on Quick Links then down to Edit Signature and Robert's your auntie's husband!!!


Well done Hazelnut!

Good Going on your 4 days.... i quit for 8 months and it was exactly the same thing that dragged me back down, ohhh i can just have a couple of drags, ohh i can just have one, ohh its okay if i dont but them cos then i'm not reeeally smoking... its all that infernal Nicodemon and the tricks he plays with your mind.

You cant quit a full on headlong addiction and go back to it part time, its all or nothing, i learned the hard way, i'd have been quitover 2 years if i hadn't have been a stupid spineless jellyfish and kept my resolve.

We'll have no more Jelly fish here... time to make the anti jellyfish pact me thinks!!!

Keep on at it... you know where you went wrong, and so can now do everything to keep right eh?

Big Love xx


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