No Smoking Day
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Plodding along

Morning all. Yesterday was not so good. I was thinking cigarettes on and off all day but I didn't smoke. I went to the gym instead. Today seems better. I am coughing a lot but I suppose it is good to get ready of the gunk.

I have a busy day ahead. Dental hospital with my ds this morning then clearing out and rearranging my kitchen cupboards. Keeping busy it the order of the day. I am going to a yoga class this evening which will hopefully help me unwind so I can sleep better. I had a really fitful nights sleep last night.

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Sounds like you're doing well Ellie, well done.

Coughing and interrupted sleep, probably the two biggest symptoms I had trouble with when I first quit.

The coughing stopped for me after a couple of weeks so with luck this will disappear for you soon, but I struggled with sleep and still do (this is my day 50 I think) so whilst I'd love to be able to say it'll all go away in the next few days, I'm afraid there's still some work to be done for a while yet.

You'll get there, focus on beating today then tomorrow and the days/weeks will stack up before you know it.

Good luck


Thanks, Horse. I am just taking each day as it comes.


Today is better

I am feeling much perkier. I have joined the gym at the end of my road. When I feel a bit twitchy I go for a walk or head to the gym.

All my cupboards are spick and span. Today I plan a lot of baking so that will keep me busy. Onwards and upwards.


Hey There Ellie!

Not long til you move up to the week room, hurray!

You really are doing fantastically, keep on doing it, i feel loads better than i did 3 days ago if it helps you at all... every day now there is a little improvement, like being able to smell more, or the craves lessening.

I agree with keeping yourself busy, if your having trouble sleeping i try an nice hot bath and a book with Radox night time bubble bath, thats quite good, and if that doesn't work Kalms nighttime herbal tablets i have found wonderful to help you drift off, available in Boots and other chemists, and they have you feeling fine the day after too.

Hip hip hooorah for Ellie, smelling fresh and beating that demon!!! xx


Thanks Zozie.

I slept better last night. Listening to my hypnotherapy booster session helped and a yoga class.

I have been really busy today and smoking never really entered my head. But I have just pour some wine and I did think about smoking. But it passed. I am resisiting the impulse to eat chocolate because the weight gain on my quit last year really got to me.


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