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Day 1 for me


This past week, i've had too many failed attempts at quitting, I'm getting to the end of my tether now, I just can't seem to keep up motivation, can anyone point me in the right direction on this? My breathing is the absoloute pits (Life-long asthma sufferer) I can't afford it, and loads upon loads of other reasons to stop, but I simply can't keep it up, that urge to smoke is just too great knowing that 1 cigarette can instantly heal the temporary pain that I'm suffering, that thought alone, gets me everytime, no matter how hard I resist. Now i've only been a smoker for 3 years, (which is chicken feed compared to what some smokers here have under their belts) but still, it's impossible (what it feels like for me anyway) to quit, I don't know what to do...

I'm going to give it another shot anyway, See if I can pull through, who knows, I just might, who knows what the next days brings, and every quit is different, let's just hope this is the lucky 10000000th time? Doubtful, I just can't seem to charge up enough motivation? Any tips, links, videos, whatever would be greatly appreciated :)

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It really seems to me that you could do with some extra help, i'd suggest going to see your GP because there's tonnes of help out there, all you have do is go and get it, you can also get all the NRT aids prescribed and advice on how to use them. Maybe you could join a stop smoking group, i know my local surgery has one. It might be out of your comfort zone but if it gets you smoke-free then anything is worth the effort. Keep plugging away though mate because you really need to get this done. Posting here helps as well i find.

Keep us updated and good luck


Hey Dann-y,

Good on you for keeping on trying to quit. That says there's something in you that wants to do it and that's a start!!! For me it was a huge mental battle initially. I had been a smoker for 30 years, 20 a day, and never even contemplated quitting, I loved it far too much (lol) :D. Then of course, age creeps up and in my late 40's I developed a really foul smokers cough, I guess I became a bit more aware of my own mortality. I was coughing while smoking and I saw a future on the fags that I didn't want. So one morning, with only 2 cigs left in pack, I thought I'd give it a go. Here I am 5 and a bit months later and not one puff and no more coughing!

All I can say to you is it really is a journey of tiny steps, and the trick for me was just to stay focussed on one day at a time. Use this forum for support, everybody here has felt like you at some point or another and looking back is a wonderful view :)

Lots of luck!!!


:D Hello and welcome ...

really think you need to see your smoking cestation advisor at your G.P surgery, you'll get loads of tips and they will work out a programme that suits you around your smoking habits....

Try the NRT, there are loads of stuff to choose from and you will be able to get 2 weeks worth for the price of a single script saving you loads of money..Even if they get you through the first few days :cool:

Also mooch on here, and you'll find the days go really's going to be hard i am not going to lie,but your here so that means something.

Magda x

and rem to keep posting :D

Danny, speaking as an asthmatic I can promise you... if you can stick it just a couple of weeks, you'll notice such a difference in your breathing, you won't ever want to go back. It's like being released from a prison cell.

I can recommend a few things you could read to help keep you motivated, but foremost among them would be this blog

Which has inspirational articles for every stage of a quit.

Sometimes it helps to give yourself a damn good scare. Have a hunt on youtube, if you are inclined to that. is full of articles and stuff, some of which is very good.

My personal tips would be:

1) Do not think about forever when you quit, it's too easy to freak out and fail. Just take it one step at a time. One crave, then one hour, then one day at a time.

2) Arm yourself with anything you can think of to take your mind off the craves and occupy yourself. Boredom = horrendous trigger at the start. (As is alcohol of course, we won't even go there!)

3) You have a lot of reasons, as you say. Write them down. Then write down all the reasons to keep on smoking. As you will see... no contest.

At the end of the day you have to find the strength from somewhere to make the 'repeated conscious choice' not to smoke (see the link in my sig). Nobody can make that choice for you. NRT or other therapies might help to soften the pain of the initial stages, the support of this forum is a HUGE help, but whatever way you do it, at the end of the day making that choice is what it boils down to.

We can all find a bunch of excuses for making the wrong choice, sure. Most of us have done, and know where you're coming from. It's not easy.

But I'd recommend gritting your teeth and making the right choice, and walking out of that prison while you can.

Good luck,

Helen x

Super tips as always Helen :D

Magda x

wonderful advise helen!! use all the tools you can and get through the beginning and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel if you stick with it!!

its your choice hun!! all the best --keep us posted ...

It's never just 1 cigarette.....

Hi Danny-y, hope it's going OK for you. I know the thought of just one cigarette is tempting BUT, do you really want 3,000 or 30,000 cigarettes (or however many you would smoke over the next few years), which is what it would turn into? Stick with it!

Two weeks, four days, 17 hours, 53 minutes and 12 seconds. 562 cigarettes not smoked, saving £196.82. Life saved: 1 day, 22 hours, 50 minutes.

Great Words Of Wisdom.

As Helsbelles(Helen) so rightly states...... ''''''''At the end of the day you have to find the strength from somewhere to make the 'repeated conscious choice' not to smoke '''''''''.

You can do it,....Try this

It helps me and did during my last 6 month quit.

My secret backup tool!!!!!

The Calendar Is Great Fun.

Hi Dann-y

youve proved you can do it, and you will do it again. afraid i havent any big tips to give you because likewise ive been eaten into the just 1 cigarette con ..many times too.

Just think of the sadness you will feel..and all the wasted energy from previous attempts! as well as your endless list of wanting to quit reasons will probably surprise yourself at how easy it could be :)

Hope today went well for you, im guessing today is day1?

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