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Nicorette patches help????

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to find out something i am on Day 5 now of quitting and doing well i started using the 24 hour patches which seem to work.

However as it's 24 hours i slept last night with one on and got really bad side effects during the night i had a terrible nights sleep because i woke up feeling dizzy and nauseated i tried to avoid it but it got worst to the point where i thought i was going to throw up i figured it was the patch so i took it off about 20min later it faded away is this normal???

Has anybody had these symptoms???


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Hi Sameena,

I used the 24 hour patches and take them off before I go to bed which helps. On my last quit I didn't use patches, just lozenges and had terrible nights. This time I have slept fine. Very strange :eek:

Try taking it off before bed for a few nights and see if it helps ;)



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