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Day 7!!!!!! yay i made it

So here i am on day 7! thought i would never make it! think last night was the worst ever..... i have never wanted to light up as much as i did last night :eek: but with alot of willpower i resisted temptation :D

I have noticed lot's of positive changes...... i feel more relaxed and happier in myself, my skin looks clear and healthy barring a few humongous spots haha but i'd rather a few of them than the grotesque look of a fag hanging out my mouth all day long! and my house is spotless as i never give my self chance to sit down and think about the awful habit!

the only time i ever really have the urge is around teatime which i still have to conquer (which has suprised me as i thought that my morning ciggies would have been the hardest to overcome!) and thinking about smoking all day long is slowly fading and it's not the first thing that i think about as soon as i wake up, it really is getting easier ( but am not gonna let my guard down as i know it can easily come back to bite me when i least expect it)

looking forward to starting tomorrow as week 2 :eek: still can't believe i have made it this far! onwards and upwards i say.... YAY!

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Just A Little Something To Remember.......Your original reasons for wanting to quit.The first few weeks are tough......but it gets better as time goes on.You just cant go wrong quitting smoking......Its what you want,so accept the craves etc.....they will pass....douglas.j


Congratulations, the first week is notoriously bad but you've come through it. Stopping is really the best thing you can do for yourself and you're winning atm, well done you!



Yippeeee!!!! Well done! me too! whoop whoop xxxxx


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