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Oh happy day's

Like many other people who have used this site and passed the year mark we all tend to move on from this site in the confidence that we have now stopped smoking.Today 19th June 2011 I am happy to say that I have not smoked for 1year and 6months,and here is some boring facts 548 non smoking days,16,440 fags not smoked, saved aprox £4,552, all this is based on smoking 30 a day.

I am now on the run down to the two year mark in December 2011 and I already have bought a lovely bottle of 21 year old sigle malt to celebrate with, although I will probably mark the occassion myself as my family don't seem to understand why I would treat this as a mile stone as they all accept that I am a non smoker now?.

Like most people I read about who have given up the cigerettes I have put on a bit of weight (a bit?) and I don't know how as from the point of my quit I walk a least 20 - 30 minutes a day I am not consious of eating "Fatty type" foods so looks like I will have to find a site for weight loss.

I beleive that I will never again smoke and I beleive that I will be committed to reading and adding the occassional post to this site,got to admit that I read more on the site than I post, but like many many people I don't beleive that I would have stopped smoking without reading and posting on this site.


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Congratulations on a great quit Danny. Your family may not understand but everyone who has kicked their habit, and those who are still trying to, know exactly how much of a milestone it is. Keep that bottle in sight to remind yourself of that upcoming 2 year celebration. :)


Hey Dannyboy....what a great post.....I too think it is important to come on here now and again as a non smoker to remind people it is possible......

I have a little over a month to go to my 2 years.....I have already had one overseas holiday:D and am currently saving for another........:Dand yes I understand what you are saying about celebrating milestones and family.....I will continue to celebrate them though as life has never been better.........


Fantastic post Danny-Your Achievement Is My Aim.Long may your quit continue.Best Wishes douglas.j


18 months is a fantastic quit Danny ....well done:cool:

Regards Trev


Sorry Dan I missed this on the day but nothing stopping me posting now as you have still done the 18 months, I have to keep reminding myself that it can be done and you have done it.

I will be joining you in the major 2 years with a sip of your malt if you put it in a thimble and send it down LOL if I win the lottery I may even join you in body as well as mind, you keep on keeping on my quit buddy, it is funny how our family cant see what the big deal is once we get to about 6 months but for us its a major feat, at least we have the forum and our forum friends who realise what its all about dont we xx




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