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No Smoking Day
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good morning day 3!

good morning all,,hope everyone is. doing ok x

Today. is day three, and I'm hoping it's better than yesterday, was very tearful by the end of the day, felt a bit on my own and couldn't get cigarettes out of my head. :-(

didn't sleep well either last night x

I'll post later to tell you all how its going, thanks everyone for all your support

Magda. x

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Good for you Magda,

Yesterday may have been awfull for you but hey, you got through it. Just remember that if you hit a tough spot again, if you can get through it on days 1-3 you can do it anytime ;)

Hope today will better for you, just keep telling yourself you have got through the worst two days so you can get through this one.

Keep yourself busy and distracted to try and keep those thoughts of ciggies out of your head.

Gaynor x


Good advice!

But if you really can't stop thinking about them, try turning it around into positive thoughts. Think about the disgusting things they do to your body. Think about how many you would have had since you quit and how much it would have cost you. Think about how this addiction has had such a horrible control over you for so long that it can make you this obsessed now... and then think that you are beating it, one crave at a time!



thank-you as always :-)



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