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10th Day !!!!....douglas.j

DAY 10 Has Arrived!!! Well I started posting on day 3 and soon be heading into the third week.(:eek:Wishing My Life Away:eek:).....Everything as usual....night time is so so easy...Its mainly afternoons that STING from time to time.I dont wake up in the mornings longing to light a cigarette.I only see benefits in the disadvantages at all,but still after smoking for so long ...even if not too heavily.....something seems missing at times.This was kindly answered in an earlier post and I feel confident enough to say Day 10 will be smoke free.I never want to smoke again.At day 10 I think I have Saved £40 MINIMUM.Maybe that equates to £130/140 a month saved.....GREAT.....and the benefits to my health go without saying.I'll only fail if I light up again....For now thats the furthest thing from my mind....Best Wishes To All....douglas.j

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Thanx For Your Kind Message Karri........I'll just be saving at the moment.I really appreciate your thoughtful and kind support.......REALLY:) wishes....Douglas.


Good on you Douglas. Keep that positive attitude and the stinging will be less frequent, and not so potent, the longer you go on.

Congratulations on double figures!

Helen x


Congratulations Douglas!!! Thats truely fantastic!!! Keep on winning!!!!! :D :D xx


Brill douglas! day 11 now...your a star :)


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