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No Smoking Day
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Wash out

Hi peoples

what a wasted day! have achieved precisely zilch, and stuffed myself with toast again. At the moment it feels like it'll never feel better..

earlier I got all worried about my cats, ended up so stressed I rang the quitline- you know that free no they give you to access counsellors via fixed line phone.

But the cat I was so concerned about is now happily sound asleep- just as well as a taxi to the nearest vet still open could be distinctly costly.

I was also upset I didn't make it to go & help my friends clean out the church- I'm in the choir, it's supposed to be payback for being allowed to sing in choir- :confused:

although they did say they were so short of choristers they'd make an exception,

but my shoulder was killing and I was debating with myself whether to go back to the doctors with it but it was tipping it and I hate the docs anyway..

but being me I felt terrible about it, for my friends but also what will they do to me for not having helped them? like send me to coventry forever? like they're a bit good at this sort of thing. However today is day 18 of New nrt-free Quit!! :), and 29+18= 47 days ciggie free :)

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Hi Eleanor,

Stop, forget about everything else other than the great achievement that is YOURS.

Your cats ok :) Other people will get over it I am sure. What you have achieved is HUGE.

Give yourself a big pat on the back and look forward to day 19 tomorrow Ok?

Gaynor xx


Thank you

Hi Gaynor


that's lovely of you I was finding the going a bit tough there; luckily my brother just rang we had this interesting conversation about God, he doesn't believe in God and I do believe in God but for once we were able to talk calmly about it which is very good also good that he phoned even though there was family business to be done.

I will try to not worry about the cat!

It even looks like the rain has at last stopped so I suppose I could stretch these rather stiff legs.

So, thanks again ;)


You're welcome hun,

I think when we are doing something so huge, such as this we are entitled to be a little selfish. Only another smoker will appreciate what we are going through and it is NOT easy. I mean it is not easily brushed aside, like not eating a cream cake when on a diet. It does not compare lol.

What you are doing is brilliant and we all deserve to be kind to ourselves to get us over the early days.

Stick with it, you are doing brilliantly :D

Gaynor x


Cheers Dear

I'm afraid the short walk turned into a shopping trip to local 8 til late so a smoothie, small banana and three small bars of choc later I'm full up and guilty again. :o

On the way out I suddenly realised I'd forgotten I was supposed to help some friends set up a choir do tonight, but when I went where I thought the do was all was dark so either I went to the wrong place or they did it all very quickly. :o

still that's something nice to look forward to for tomorow I should've been looking at music all day today I'd better start doing just that so

thanks again

bye for now :)



Well done for going to the shop and not buying 'you know what'. Do what feels right for you at this moment. You may feel like not doing anything, I know I do but making yourself do the things you should do is therapy in itself. Just go with the flow, just do not smoke lol.

G xxx


Ok I suppose I really should hit that pile of music. You've been lovely and I will try to keep on keeping on :) xx


Cool, just keep on keeping on with the quit, blow everything else for now, this is far more important.

In the mean time I will take my own advice, only on day 7 of my quit so you are waaaaaaaaay ahead of me lol.

G xx


Eleanor - I've been looking out for you because we share quit dates so I've been wanting to see how you're doing.

Forget the NRT dates, the crucial stat is the 47 days cigarette free, that's a hellof an achievement.

I'm sorry you've had a few other issues to deal with in life but lets face it that is life and we have to learn to deal with different situations, the fact you've managed that for 47 days without turning to the weed is huge, please keep going, it may be a battle but you know it's one worth fighting.

Good luck


Hi Dears

Just realised today is Day 49!

I spent most of the afternoon asleep after massive day yesterday, our choir has already raised over £1100 for ClicSargent the one for cancer for children; even before pledges come in.

This, for me, involved collecting on our local ferries for three hours, and singing on & off for 8 hours. The choir calls it a Singathon, we do it every year for a different charity, there is a little one in our town having cancer, so we "Did it for 12 hours!" :D

The day also involved eating rather a lot of food I shouldn't. But what was lovely is my voice is so much more flexible since I stopped the nrt.

Horse following my thread, that's sweet of you, perhaps I should own up a bit: I smoked my first cigarette in anger at 17, and am now 54.. and practically all that time I was smoking rollups, 15 or more a day, mostly filtered but not always.

So you see I am actually quite a bit worse than you! but I did manage an 11 month quit last year, which helps me to remind myself of.

Bye for now :)



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