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week 13 help me plz

Help me people, please. I'm on week 13 and a haven't been on here for a while as thought I didn't need the support anymore, I blatently do!

I bought some tobacco on Tuesday and had a roll up, then didn't have strength to throw it away and one last night! This has got to stop as don't want to go thru it all again.

I'm hoping u can help me, have my second child due in 7 weeks too!

What can I do? Any tips? Any links?


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Hi Alfie09

I dont have any tips for you -sorry. But I do think you should chuck the baccy out right now, immediately. And destroy it, don't just put it in the bin, put it down the loo or something.

Remember why you gave up 13 weeks ago - which is awesome by the way! I expect a lot of it has to do with the that's arriving in 7 weeks time! You found the strength before, you can do it again. But don get rid of temptation first!

Good luck for the quit and your baby!



You need to try and find the strength you had in the beginning of your quit. You have done so well. Just throw away the baccy. You can do this!!!! It does get easier, i'm 23 weeks quit and I hardly ever crave now. It will pass and the craves get easier I promise!!!!!



Alfie - I hear quite a few wobble around 3/4 months, could it be complacency ?

Wind the clock back a week or two, was every day a painful battle avoiding the smokes ? Has your quit been like that for 13 weeks ?

Chances are it hasn't and you may have just been a little compacent.

You could even be like me when you think you've beaten the habit you want to challenge yourself by having a smoke so you can go through the giving up process again (strange I know).

Get off 'em buddy....


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