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No Smoking Day
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Bad News

I started smoking last night.

I had a major crave that wouldn't go I find the craves hard to deal with. Then I get it in my head that I want to smoke then go and buy them, I don't know how to get past this, it happened on my last quit. Last night was quite warm too, I think that played a part in it.

Now I totally regret it, I've been exhausted all day and really dehydrated :mad:

When I'm ready to fight this I'll be back in Day 1 to start all over again.


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hurry back!! it can only get better...keep trying and you will succeed


Thanks Quitter & Karri.

I really don't know what triggers it, I wish I would've just gone to bed now but when I get to this point I just feel as if I can't rest until I have a cig. Hopefully I'll come back stronger after a few weeks, I think I might just have to smoke and get it out of my system.


Dont go back to thinking you are on Day one as this completely de-motivates you. I slipped up and had 10 cigs after 6 weeks after feeling exactly how you described and the next day i just continued to say to myself I had stopped for 6 weeks. Take the negative experience and make it a positive one - dont cut yourself up either. You will get there. Just start again a fresh and continue with your quit :D think you should reward yourself with something


Hi Daniel

Don't beat yourself up it doesn't help.

Forgive yourself, you were tired, not sure what to do, so you made the wrong choice. See that as a learning experience, tell yourself "next time, I will go to bed "

(or have a drink of a soothing something, horlicks, camomile tea, hot milk, anything without stimulants in it),

or try getting some books in to read in the evening, or having a bath or a shower (even if you've already had one)

The important thing isn't whether you fluffed it this time; the important thing is YOU CAN DO IT and YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN SOON.:D

I have sooo been where you are..

eleanor (17 days without nrt; am now quit after ? years of trying) :D


Thanks so much for all of your replies, just reading them makes me want to quit again. I will do soon but not just yet I don't think I'm ready, if there's one thing I've learned about quitting it's that you have to want it 100%. I just don't think I'm there at the moment, which is probably why my quit wasn't successful.

Thanks again, Daniel.


Hi, sorry am a bit behind on this one!

Just wanted to say that every single time I have quit I have started again because I had a craving so bad that I thought I couldn't get over it.

Then this time, after I had been stopped a week, I spoke to my Uncle who quit CT after smoking about 40 a day for 40 years, and he said that the trick to quitting it to ride out those cravings. Because if you think about it you don't get those types of cravings very often.

I took his advice and I'm not going to lie and say it was easy but I really did ride out those seemingly unbearable cravings. Either by doing somthing else, or somtimes by just going to bed!! And when I woke the next day I was so glad I'd not smoked.

I'm 6 weeks on now and I hardly have cravings at all now :D

Hope this helps x


Thanks JazzHenry, that is exactly how I feel, I think to myself it's never gonna go and thats when I become weak and just smoke. I'll definately bear it in mind for my next quit.



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