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Well after my slip up at the weekend (I am meant to be on week 9) I confessed all to the chemist when I went to pick up my weekly patches and she gave me step 2 to use for this week (I was on step 3 last week hence part of the reason I slipped up). Feel really positive today and since I had no Step 2 left until I went to chemist this morning I put 2 Step 3's on each boob for the same effect and it seems to have worked!! I am not going back to day one. I am congratulating myself for 9 weeks (with a slight hiccup). Anyone who is really really struggling I would advise them to up their NRT temporarily. I am saving the "two lozenges at a time" for any hard periods this week! Cant believe how much i was smelling with cigarettes they are really horrible and cost so much money.

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Good for you Hazlenut,

You sound strong and determined to carry on with your quit so good for you. So many of us, me included, would have lost it at that point so all power to you ;)



Another day and that would have been me looking at setting a stop smoking date in the future, i had to nip it in the bud and believe me i had the argument with myself in the morning, will I, will i not buy cigs today and stop another time???! My advice is if anyone slips up to get straight back to stopping before the nasty things grabs u back completely. A lot of us have minor slip ups but it is no reason to go back to day one - just continue and be stronger.

I imagine this nicotine monster in my head shrinking and shrinking and slipping up has caused it to grow slightly but stopping again has started the shrinking process and i think before it is really dead it will fight with all its might to try and grow again which causes us to feel down and miserable but once its gone it will only be a faded memory. (works for me!) lol


Well done hazelnut. Very hard to get straight back on to the quit, but you're doing it, brilliant stuff.


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