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Day 1 so far so good :)


Hey guys!

Its day 1 for me and so far it's going well which is a surprise i have tried previously to give up but felt like pulling my hair out but this time it's different maybe i am more determained who knows:confused:

i have been getting ready for this day for a week and i was dreading it but when i woke up this morning i dident have the urge to smoke dont get me wrong i have had the odd second when i think i need a cigg but i just grab my inhalator and gum and away i go.

I am the nicotine replacements i got all sorts to change the sensation i have:

The gum


and quit mist which i personally think is 2 over powering

So far so good hope the rest of the days are like this:D

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Nice one Sameena. Keep going and keep in touch with this forum and let us know how your doing. Good Luck! :)


rooting for ya!! keep up the good work!:D

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