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Zozie's Back!

Hi All,

Hope your quits are going well on day 3!!! Woohoo!

I'm back to quit again, after stopping for a whopping 8 months in November 2009, i fell back off that pink lunged wagon, fooling myself that i could be a social smoker in the pub with friends.... Doh! *kicks self* still, its taken me quite some time to build back up the determination for round two.

So using patches for a short time as with the last one, and taking each day as it comes.

Hope everyone else is doing fine and hanging on in there!!! Your all winners!

Love Zo xx :D

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Good luck Zoz hope all goes well for you this time.



Good luck Zozie.

Just out of interest, what was it that made you smoke again ? and what had you done differently that night compared to being in similar situations on previous nights ?


Best Wishes Zozie with your quit.I lost a 6 month quit to the occasional puff so I know the feeling!!!!


Hi Zozie my lovely,

Good to see you back on a quit again hun. Missed you ;)

I am on a quit again to :)

I am sure you will do brilliantly as you did before.


Gaynor xx


Reasonings for flopping the last quit!

Hi All,

Thanks for your messages of support.

The reason that i well quite frankly failed spectacularly, was the idiot notion that i could have a social smoke in the pub with my friends, learnt the hard way that this is a biiig no no, the nicodemon lets you off for a while and before you realise your back in his evil clutches....

For those like i, that think you can had the odd one here and there, it really isn't possible, and after you have done all of that hard work, its horrid putting yourself through it again.

Gaynor honey, lovely to see you again! We'll do it this time eh?

Much and many strong love to all!



Indeed we will Zozie :D

When that 'just one' notion comes along just shout NO NO NO and I will do the same too :p

G xx


Hi Zozie. Let's do it this time!:)


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