No Smoking Day
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Hi all,

Im now coming up to the 11 week mark. I am truly amazed as iv not been on patches for a few weeks now and im ok.

Im ok being with smokers which is good as the majority of my friends smoke!

I must admit at times I feels bored like there is something missing. But of course there is something missing, my habit of nearly 20 years!! And i can say i am happy as a non-smoker :o

Hope you are all well and enjoying the little sunshine that we have xx

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Well done Jo, sounds like you're a winner to me, but please do not allow complacency to creep in....


Thanks for your kind words, and i certainly wont be getting an addict who wont be feeding that addiction no more lol!! seriously one day at a time is all i can do.

Karri, you've been there every step of the way encouraging me and offering support. I sincerely thank you for that and please believe that you have played a vital role in my quit :o ((hugs))

Ah yes the eggs...dont know what your talking about ;)

Thanks xxx


Now don't ever forget - I don't live in a terrace, it's a row of 3 pmsl. If you don't remember me saying that then I'm going to look like a right donkey :D

Hahaha dont worry u arent a donkey, not today anyway lol!:D Im still on a mission in cleaning my ickle palace :)

Love the 'row of three', definately gonna use that next time im asked about my home xx

Hows you and things?


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